06/08/2018 - Ex Demo Sale 2018

Ex Demo Sale

We've got 3 bikes left over from our ex demo sale.

* Large Black Orange Aqua BFE. X Fusion Sweep HLR Forks, SLX Drivetrain, Deore brakes, WTB tyres, 150mm X Fusion Manic seatpost. (Magazine test bike. VGC) 1550


* Large Orange Flare. X Fusion Sweep HLR forks & O2 RCX shock, XT Drivetrain & brakes, Hope Pro4 hubs on WTB Carbon i24 rims. Carbon Rims!! 2000


* Small Green Rocket. XT Brakes & drivetrain, X Fusion RL2 forks, Hope Pro4 hubs on WTB rims, Cotic finishing kit. No shock, but one can be sourced for you. You need 200x57. 1200

Ex demo Rocket for sale

If you're interested in any of these bikes, contact Paul on info@cotic.co.uk with your name, phone number and details of how you'd like to pay.

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