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16/09/2019 - Easy Ways Onto A New Cotic

Easy Way Onto A New Cotic

SodaMAX Ti Loveliness

0% Finance

Unlike a lot of the other brands who sell direct, if you are in the UK we offer 0% Finance. For the last couple of years you have been able to get up to 24 months interest free to get you onto a new Cotic.

We have a finance calculator (click here to have a play) if you want to have a play with options, but for instance, a RocketMAX Gold build bike would be 837 deposit, 138 per month for 24 months.

Our Singletrack Award Nominated Flare frame with Cane Creek shock would be as little as 415 down, 66 per month for the same 24 months. You can get your monthlies down even further if you have a larger deposit too. It's all flexible.

Escapade Gold 1x

Cycle 2 Work

We have been offering Cyclescheme and Green Commute Initiative options for the UK's salary sacrifice option for a few years as well. The bike news this year is that they have lifted the 1000 cap and allowed 'top ups' where you can pay a bit of your own money for some extras if you have it. That means that rather than being restricted to buying a frame via the scheme, you can now buy complete bikes. We have already had a SolarisMAX Gold build go on Green Commute Initiative.

If they aren't already, you need to get your employer on board with either of these schemes, and then apply for a voucher. Once you have that code your can order your Cotic and send us the details. Simple as that!

FlareMAX 132

New Offer - Up to 3 Years 0% on Selected Models

Until the end of October, we are offering 3 Years Interest Free Finance on the SodaMAX, FlareMAX and Rocket model lines.

This is for frames and bikes, so you could get yourself on our 2019 Limited Edition SodaMAX ti hardtail frame for 377 deposit and just 39.50 per month. That is a lot of shiny Ti goodness for very small monthly outgoings.

Or if you want some droplink suspension action, a FlareMAX 120 or 132

, or a Rocket frame, are just 363 deposit and 38.50 per month with the Cane Creek DB Air IL shock.

The Rocket even comes in classic Cotic Orange, and everybody know Too Much Orange Is Only Just Enough.


Remember we have been consistent on all our components sizes with our bikes: Same headset, same BB, same seatpost size. So, if you have one of our earlier droplink bikes, or a hardtail, you could frame swap onto one of our brilliant Longshot geometry bikes very easily and get that new bike feeling.

The only change was moving to Boost from 142 on the 27.5" bikes, and we have Hope Boost conversions in stock. We have got you covered. If you send it your current headset we will even fit it for you. Just pop a note on the order.

To order on Finance, simply tick the box and the bottom of the form, choose your time period and click PLACE PROVISIONAL ORDER. We will then make sure everything is sorted with your order and setup your application. We like to keep an Actual Person involved in the process, which is why it might take a few hours or the next day before your finance application email comes through.

Hopefully that's got you thinking about your next frame or bike. Give us a shout if you have any questions about the finance or the bikes. We're always pleased to hear from you. Drop us a line any time.

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11/09/2019 - The new Cotic BFe

Cotic BFe 2020

BFe 2020

It feels crazy to think that just 2 years ago the BFe established the blueprint for our Longshot geometry revolution, but it's true. Fast forward to today and Longshot has been rolled out across the range, establishing Cotic as some of the best handling bikes around. Learning from the constant development of our droplink full suspension bikes and our award winning SolarisMAX, we've made a few key tweaks to the Bfe; our genre defying, 27.5", do-it-all hardtail.

The new BFe applies our latest geometry developments, bringing in revised angles and better bike fit. The steeper seat angle puts you in a more effective, central place on the bike; making climbing even easier. We've slackened the head angle by a degree to match this, giving you more confidence than ever on those critical steep trails and fast corners. Optimised around a 140mm fork but can be ridden raced & rallied with anything between 120mm and 160mm. Paired with a 35m stem and low standover from the dropped top tube; this bike handles sharply, and loves to get airborne. Due to popular demand, we've also added an XL size for the first time in the BFe's life.

BFe 2020

Wheel standards are finally calming down and most people are calling for Boost rear spacing to future-proof their purchase. Combined with our Super Clearance stays for the latest generation of 2.6" tyres and you are set for years of fun. From razzing round the BMX track, racing enduros and tearing up trail centres, there's nothing the BFe can't do. Crabapple hits? Done. Podium top steps? Also done.

Frames are 549, and Silver build bikes start from 1799. They are available worldwide with free shipping on frames and bikes throughout western and central Europe, and subsidised shipping to the rest of the world.

BFe 2020

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03/09/2019 - South Lakes Bike Festival

Bikes, beer and rain

It wouldn't be the Lakes without all 3


Demo team Sam and Darren spent last weekend at the South Lakes Bike Festival, and despite some pretty Cumbrian weather, had a great time. This laid back and super fun event felt like a breath of fresh air, no racing, no pressure, just sociable riding and a lovely friendly atmosphere; not to mention a party! We took the demo van to the SLBF where plenty of riders took the opportunity to shred some classic Lake District riding on a new Cotic. Some all day rides, some quick hour long laps and grins all round. Longshot geometry really does let you get away with murder on the technical trails surrounding the Kentmere Valley and beyond.


On the Friday night, local pub the Eagle and Child in Staveley had put on a charity ride to coincide with the festival, so after setting the stand up we rolled down the road to join in with that. I'm not sure how many were in the group, but it was a lot! A challenging climb followed by a screaming descent into Kentmere and we were greeted with a half way point booze stop! We settled for a beer and a bit of cake, leaving the Jagerbombs on this occasion! We needed lights for the last descent, known as Three Rivers, which made flying through the bracken on the fast narrow singletrack feel amazing, like being in a video game. Back to the pub at the end for a delicious Curry and a pint. Plenty of demo riders on the Saturday taking bikes on the various group rides, then a fun evening of local beer and live music, followed by more demos on the Sunday. It's a really nice weekend, and one you should definitely consider for next year. There's plenty to do for all the family and all skill levels. We need more events like this, organised just for the sheer fun of it by good people, we'll definitely be back.

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27/08/2019 - SolarisMAX Back In Stock

SolarisMAX is BACK

now with British Racing Green

Solaris MAX BRG
Solaris Max British Racing GreenSingletrack award winner 2018. Cotic SolarisMAXSolaris MAX Red Dwarf
Solaris MAX

Our award winning SolarisMAX is back in stock this week. We are hugely pre-sold on these, but most size and colour options are still available from the shipment, so if you are keen on one of these hardtail shredders, order yours now!

Cosmic Black and Red Dwarf colours are back, with Dark Metal replaced by classy British Racing Green. Full gallery of all the colours over on the product page.

The last couple of small Dark Metal frames are available for just 549, saving 100.

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20/08/2019 - Cotic CC Ride Surrey Hills

Cotic CC

Sam in Surrey

Last Sunday we ran a Cotic CC social ride in the Surrey Hills. I was in the area doing a demo day on the Saturday, and we hadn't done an owners ride down south for quite a long time, so it seemed a perfect opportunity.

Cotic CC20190818_121439Cotic CCCotic CC

Despite the fairly late notice, we had 13 Cotic riders including team racer Will Easey for a great ride. All set up and ready to roll, and the heavens opened! A warm up lap of Barry Knows Best had a certain 'Pacific North West' feel to it, with the rain falling through tall pine trees on the lush green bracken. After a steep and soggy climb and another trail or two, the sun eventually came out and jackets were stashed.

Cotic CC

Plenty of the riders who came had never experienced Surrey's plethora of excellent trails before, big thanks go to Dan from Hunt Wheels, who came along on his Flare and took us to trails I would never have found. It was a muddy one, but the trails still rode fast with plenty of grip. There was a great mix of bikes in the group from Souls to RocketMAXs, including a lovely SodaMAX dripping in Hope bling. We've got plenty in the pipeline for Cotic CC events, keep an eye on the mailing list to be the first to hear the latest news.

Cotic CC

Meanwhile James Swinden AKA Swinny AKA Rocketman and co-team rider Wes Fife were out racing in Innerleithen. Despite injuries, crashes, tight transfers and the relentless Scottish climbs both boys got stuck in and came in the Top 10, they quite rightly came away smiling. Well done lads! Here are their race photos...

Swinny at Inners

See future demo and Cotic CC events here…

13/08/2019 - Is Mixed Wheel Size The Future?

Is Mixed Wheel Size The Future?

Cy Writes.....

You might have heard much talk on the race scene and beyond this year about mixed wheel sizes; so-called mullet bikes. Business up front, party out back? 29" front wheels, 27.5" rear wheels. As usual, there has been a lot of hot air, a lot informed and not-so-informed chatter, hand waving and general pontificating.

As it's my job to get involved with new trends and see if they might result in better bikes, I ran a 27.5 x 2.6" tyre on the back of my RocketMAX earlier in the year for a few weeks. I didn't really notice much difference. It wasn't some big break through, but it wasn't awful either. Actually, I tell a lie: When I just put a 27.5" rear wheel in the bike, it was fairly awful, but nothing to do with smaller rear wheels being a bad idea in general, just for my bike. The 27.5" rear wheel dropped the BB about 10mm from an already low position and slackened the already very slack (63.5 deg as standard) RocketMAX head angle into the 62's. As I have mentioned before, we got to where we are with Longshot geometry because I went even slacker than we currently offer on our bikes, and found it was making the handling worse again. I talk about this in the first Downtime Podcast I did all about the Longshot Geometry development. The short story is, we went too far, too slack, too low, then came back to an optimum for production. The smaller rear wheel pushed the geometry back into 'too far' again. After a bit of geometry tweaking to get the angles and BB height back where I wanted them, the bike worked great, but as I said, it wasn't some massive difference or revelation.

Rocket with different sized front wheels

After this testing I got talking to Chris at Downtime Podcast about what I had found, and he put forward a point about it possibly suiting shorter riders better than me. I like 29" wheels, and at 6ft 3in there are pretty much no drawbacks to running them. Chris at 5ft 8in on his FlareMAX 132 found he sometimes caught his rear wheel on his shorts in steep terrain and it was certainly something he considered when moving around on the bike, and maybe a 27.5" rear wheel would suit better? As I had a rear wheel all ready to go thanks to our friends at HUNT giving me an Enduro Wide 27.5 to use, along with a big WTB 27.5 x 2.6 Trail Boss, I sent it over. As the FlareMAX isn't quite as the extremes of angles as the RocketMAX (it has a 65 deg head angle), Chris found he could quite happily drop the 27.5" rear wheel into his bike with no adverse effects or need for hardware changes to make it work right. In the end I think it was just a slightly tweak to shock and fork pressures and that was it.

We then got together with a stop watch and a couple of different bikes to get some data, and then we had a chat about it. Grab a coffee and see what we thought. Are they the future? Listen and find out.....

Listen to Cy's Longshot podcast here…

07/08/2019 - Announcing our FlareMAX 132 Pack frameset and complete bikes

new FlareMAX 132 Pack

more travel

You've all heard how versatile the Longshot FlareMAX is and how it carries speed over rocky terrain like a bike with much more travel.

Well, we thought what would it be like if it had more travel?

The answer is... even better!

By increasing the stroke on the rear shock to 50mm we've brought the rear wheel travel up to 132mm, and given it an extra dose of speed without sacrificing any agility on singletrack or climbs. As the shock length is unchanged form the standard FlareMAX the static geometry is unaltered so there are no downsides.

FlareMAX 132

Our 132 Pack is available as a frame and shock, and in multiple levels of complete bike build... from Silver up to Platinum.

We have two Cane Creek shocks available to take your FlareMAX up to 132mm rear travel, the DB AirIL, which is a no cost option on the complete bike builds, or the DB Air CS Piggyback which is a 200 upgrade available when customising the builds.

With this extra travel and speed you'll be wanting a front end set up on your bike to inspire confidence, so we've fitted our 132 Pack builds with the super stiff, super tuneable X Fusion Trace 36 HLR fork with 140mm of travel. The Cane Creek Helm Air is also available with 140mm of travel for just 150 extra when customising your build.


"132" decal is removable, and we'll supply spares in multiple colours


complete bike builds use the stout, controllable Trace36 HLR at 140mm travel, or upgrade to Helm


the DB Air CS Piggyback shock is available as an upgrade over the DB AirIL

The 132 Pack is available now with frame and shock starting from 1749, and complete bikes starting with the Silver 132 build at 3249.

Read more about the FlareMAX…

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02/08/2019 - Cotic Women of Steel Ride Out

Cotic's Women of Steel is a group encouraging more women to get out riding bikes and meeting other like-minded women. We're hoping to get more women out on the trails and share the joy of cycling.

For this Ride Out we went out to Sherwood Pines, a place that some women in the group rode weekly, and some of us had never been. It seemed like the perfect place to meet up and be showed around.

Cotic Women of Steel ride out Sherwood Pines

We've had some terrible weather recently (especially those in North Yorkshire! Poor Ard Rock), so a few women opted to miss out on this ride, completely understandably... I wondered whether or not to pack my snorkel. It was great to see familiar faces and a new one join us as we got ourselves ready to hit the red trail.

Women of Steel at Sherwood Pines

Dodging the puddles we wove our way through the trails - quickly accepting that we were going to have soggy feet and get very muddy! We visited the DH track and encouraged each other to start at the top of the start ramp, quite a daunting thing when you haven't been on one before. We all did it and got a real buzz! We had a great time and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Cotic Women of Steel ride out Sherwood Pines

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