30/03/2015 - INCOMING!


We have a pretty busy week coming up as we have the long awaited container full of Escapades, Roadrats and Soul275s arriving on Wednesday.

Plan is to unload and sort on Wednesday and dispatch Thursday. If you already have a frame on back order that should go out this week for delivery next Tuesday. We would normally try and dispatch before the Easter weekend, but we don't get a guaranteed time slot for the container delivery on Wednesday so if it arrived late we'd get into a right old mess trying to dispatch on the same day. If we sort Wednesday and dispatch Thursday then we are much more likely to get the right things in the right boxes going to the right people. I hope you understand, and don't mind waiting a few more days.

Bikes with the new disc only rim wheels are going to take another couple of weeks as we need to get them built up at the wheelbuilder. If you'd be happy with the older style rim brake wheel for 50 less then let us know and we can get that out to to you next week as we have a few of those wheelsets too.

Although we have a fair number of back orders to work through, don't let that put you off. We have plenty of stock coming in and we'll be able to get you a frame or bike in the next couple of weeks for sure even if you order now:




As well as the Life Bikes, we have more Soul275 coming in. It's all proper finish, full spec awesome on these from now on! Don't forget you can come and give one a try at our demos on 18th April, 16th May or 6th June. Email demo@cotic.co.uk to book on, or if you know it's the bike for you order yours now here:


On another subject, Paul and I have been out testing our Solaris's with the 27.5+ tyres. We're putting together our thoughts on this and will be sending those out later this week.

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