08/04/2015 - Joystick Analog Carbon Bars


For a while now we've been looking for a nice carbon bar upgrade option for our complete mountain bikes. Local guys Hookit Products have been bringing in Joystick components for a while now and they have been getting some great write ups and feedback, so from this week we're offering the Joystick Analog Carbon bar in a 20mm rise and 800mm width (it is trimable!), for a 100 upcharge on the BFe275, Soul275 and Solaris bikes.

It's a beautiful thing, and saves 130grms (over 1/4 lb) over the stock Race Face Respond bars. Here's what Joystick have to say about it:

ANALOG CARBON Our Analog Carbon bars are manufactured with premium composite materials specially designed for Joystick and molded in our own unique custom molds. With a lab tested strength to weight ratio and incredible feel the Analog Carbon delivers results on the trail and the podium. Analog Carbon has been designed to enhance ride control and dampen vibration from trail feedback. These bars feature reinforced clamping zones in all the key clamping areas for your controls and stem interface. Destructive and real ride testing is done on a regular basis to ensure our standards are continually met.​

We're just catching up with the IT side of things so they're not currently on the drop down menus for ordering, but if you put a note on your order that you would like to go carbon on the bars then click 'PLACE PROVISIONAL ORDER' we can sort it all out for you.

Order your Cotic mountain bike with Joystick Carbon Bar upgrade …