06/03/2015 - Portugal Sunshine

portugal soul275

Ian and Kate Potter from AQR Holidays have just set up camp in Portugal for their annual Spring trips. Cy went a couple of years ago and the blue skies and warmth are a tonic at this time of year! Ian's just finished his new Soul275 for guiding this year and sent us a few words

Ian writes.....

Hi Cy

Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how I知 getting on with my NEW Soul 275! Bike is built and ready to start its first season of work here in Portugal and then on to Luchon for the rest of the guiding season, where it will share its guiding duties with the FS.

After spending the last couple of seasons on a Solaris (which of course is a great bike!), I知 enjoying the feeling of the bike having a more agile handling feeling about it. It has the impression of quicker turning, is really good on the manuals, jumps and bunny hops, but still feels really planted, which in turn gives you great confidence on the trail. This then makes you want to ride better, and does not feel any different from the Solaris, and its climbing like a dream and very quick. The frame feels nice and stiff when you stamp on the pedals, giving a nice lively ride. The Soul275 tracks very well on the loose and rocky descents, keeping on the line you choose, without the feeling of being beat up at the bottom of the descents. I love the feel of the 853 steel frame, stiff where you need it to be and compliant where it痴 needed also!


So I think want I知 trying to say is thanks for making another great frame, I just have a few things to change on the set up. I知 going to put a Maxxis Ardent 2.4 on the front and must get around to putting the forks up to 120mm travel. After that I think I might play with the stem length just to see what is best for me. Otherwise I知 quite happy on the bike after only a few rides. One thing which is quite nice and different from the Solaris, is the option of having lower gearing because of the smaller wheel size. Looking forward to getting the Soul275 back to Luchon, France, by then the snow will have disappeared, so I can get out in the big mountains, and see how I get on.


Oh and by the way, save me a couple of mugs to feed my coffee addiction, I will pick them up when I知 back in the UK.

Thanks Ian

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