24/02/2015 - Rocket Update

A little bit of Rocket news today. A few weeks ago we removed the Rocket from our product pages, and following feedback from people at London Show it was clear that this has caused confusion and plenty of people to think we're not doing the Rocket anymore. This is definitely not the case!

The Rocket will be back, and it is going into production back in Taiwan with our current framebuilder. The new frame will have 27.5" wheels, and we will no longer be doing the 26" bike. It will have all the features of the original, and similar spec - 150mm travel, 140-160 forks, 853 front end, all that jazz, and combined with some developments we have made over the last couple of years and evolved geometry to make the most of the bigger wheels and latest kit. There will be Fox Evo and Cane Creek DB Air shock options.

This was the main reason we took the original product page down, as it no longer represented what we were working on. It was clearly the wrong decision to make, for all the people who are following the project and are still interested in the Rocket.

The aim is to have them in late summer, but we're not making any firm declarations or taking any orders until we have frames in boxes on a boat. We've learnt our lesson there!

The Rocket29 bike which the team raced in prototype form in the 2014 season is still being developed, but we have no firm date for getting this into production. We love the bike, but it's not quite right yet. When it is, we'll let you know!

The reason we have gone back to Taiwan is that after so long out of production we simply need product available and they can guarantee that. It was also clear from the emails received back in December that for every one person who was psyched about the UK Made project, another just wanted a Rocket wherever it was made. We have learnt a lot working with UK suppliers, but for the moment it's on the backburner.

One of the nicest things about the London Show was how many people came by to ask about the Rocket and were clearly excited by the bike and wanted to know more, as well as existing owners saying how much they loved theirs. It was fantastic to hear that, and gives renewed energy to us to get this project completed and get frames to people who want them. A lot of the decisions regarding what to say when about this project have been clouded by the emotions brought on from our difficult year last year, so I'll be the first to admit that we made the wrong call pulling the product page down. It's now back, explaining all about the bike, and the current status of the project, plus there's some archive videos and tech write ups from earlier in the project, and of course, Rocketman.

See the new Rocket product page…