14/09/2015 - FANFAIR! Rocket is BACK!

Man this has been a long time coming. However, today we are enormously proud, happy, relieved, psyched and all sorts of other adjectives to announce the Rocket is back!


We are all through final certification, and the production batch is in paint right now. Cy has been riding the first production sample for a few weeks, and it's fantastic. We get the first production frames unpainted and in kit form so we can put them together ourselves and make sure we know they go together just as we want. Thankfully this is exactly what happened - it went together like a dream, and just a couple of very minor things with spacers which is all sorted now. The quality is superb and we're so happy to be able to be telling you all about this bike!


Chay up there has been hammering his prototype for a few months, and we're really happy where the bike is. It's a development of the original Rocket, moving to 27.5" wheels but maintaining 150mm rear travel. The geometry is closely related to the 26 inch bike too, mainly because we spent a long time honing that bike and it was ace! The new bike has the same BB height (adjusted for the bigger wheels, obviously), and similar angles. The main development has been the application of our OFI rider fit, so the front ends are longer, the effective seat angle is a little slacker than the previous bike, and we stretched the rear end a little as well. Not only does this keep the weight balance where we want it, it gives a little more room for those bigger wheels.

The details are improved, as you might expect. There is now internal routing down the seatstay for the rear mech for cleaner lines and quieter running (and yes, it IS easy to thread. Promise!), and there's internal seatpost routing as well. We have kept the external dropper hose routing option under the top tube, same as the original, for those of you who have an older style seatpost.

We have added pinch clamps to both sides of the main pivot to make bearings changes really quick and easy, and have retained the low maintenance, high load capacity shock bushing arrangement for the seatstay pivots.

Cy's done a video taking you through all the details down at the bottom there....


Main things you need to know is that frame prices start from 1549 with the Fox Float Evolution shock, or you can have the Cane Creek DB Inline for 1749. There's also a no shock option for those of you with 200 x 57 shocks lying around. Colours are matte orange (like the bike in the picture) or matte green, both with the black decals. We're also doing a complete bike, 1x11 M8000 Deore XT, Race Face cranks, Hope wheels, Reverb, the usual refinements. These start from 3599. You can read all about it here:


We are airfreighting in 12 frames as soon as they're painted, and they should be here by 10th October. If you want to grab one of those then order yours now. Be quick, the Mailing List subscribers have already nabbed 7 of them!



If you miss out on one of those first 12 frames you can pre-order your Rocket from the ocean freight shipment which will arrive by the end of October.

As mentioned at the start, this has been a long time coming, and if you've been following our adventures over the last 2 years you'll know it's been a pretty emotional journey too. If you've been waiting all this time for us to get these frames built, then we thank you for your incredible patience. However, we also need to thank our families and friends who have helped us get back to this point with their support, wisdom, help and knowledge. We're a small company, but we're a big family.

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