07/01/2016 - Nice Couple of Videos

Great couple of videos for you this morning that we noticed over breakfast coffee. Firstly, a lovely 'Meet The Makers' film about our London dealer, Soho Bikes. Nick Hawker and Rob Warner (yet, THAT Rob Warner) founded the shop and they tell you why they did it how they have. There's also a cheeky passing shot of mechanic Mario The Destroyer on his Roadrat.

Secondly, Cy noticed last night that Outside Television had shared his favourite bike segment of any film for a while. As he puts it....

I'm generally off bike movies these days, but this segment from UnReal is just jaw dropping, and mainly for beauty of the place. Also a nagging jealousy of being given that big a slice of somewhere so beautiful to build a bike trail. The joys of lots of space, eh? If I could have something like this without all the massive jumps, just flowly, gorgeous trails, I would lap it for days and be a very, very happy man.

Brandon Semenuk's Stunning One-Shot Ride

Video of the Year

Posted by Outside Television on Friday, 1 January 2016