11/07/2016 - the BIG droplink news

For us here at Cotic, today is the most exciting day in our history; Our most important product launch since we first introduced the Soul over a decade ago... and a culmination of years and years of busy product development behind closed doors, and sometimes hidden in plain sight on the race scene.

We give you.. a droplink model for any type of riding, for every kind of rider.

As well as our beast of an enduro/trail machine, the Rocket, we can now unveil its super fast - and not very well kept secret - bigger brother, the big wheeled RocketMAX.

And it doesn't stop there... we also have TWO new shorter travel bikes, the Flare and the FlareMAX!

No half measures; a whole new suspension range from Cotic, right here, right now.

Before we dig deeper into what these bikes have to offer, let's look at some pictures...

RocketMAX RocketMAX RocketMAX RocketMAX


You know what's what here, and those of you patiently waiting for more stock will be pleased to know that we haven't forgotten the Rocket, and new stock is about to land!

We've also added an XL size... not just for the super tall people. Hours spent on one of our many prototypes has proved to us that many people really want to pair up some extra reach with a super short stem. Remember, our droplink frames have loads of standover clearance, so going up a size is viable if you want a longer bike, and all our bikes can now be specced with a 40mm stem.


This is our medium travel, lighter, sprightlier model.

We've been asked for this for longer than we can remember... You asked, and we delivered. A bike with the heart of the Soul, with lively droplink suspension that keeps you in touch with the trail, and helps you squeeze the maximum fun out of it. Soul owners know what we're on about, and we're sure lots of you will be as excited as we are about this model finally being released. We've sweated the details long and hard on this one.

Where would it be fun to ride the Flare? Where wouldn't it!?!


MAX by name, Maximum versatility by nature, MAX is the new branch of the Cotic range which can run either 29 inch wheels with tyres up to 2.5" wide, or the latest Plus sized wheels in 27.5 x 2.8" width. Boost rear axles are paired with new tubing and swingarms refined to offer the stiffness we know big wheeled bikes require.

Introducing the MAX versions of the Flare and Rocket.


This is our big wheeled version of the Rocket

Earlier versions of this baby were ridden by our team to great success. Since then we've made it stiffer, faster, and more responsive. Oh, and upped its versatility with 275Plus wheel compatibility and Boost148 rear axle. It's now proper superhero ready stuff, or maybe super villain?! Oops.. sorry, getting carried way. I want to go and blast one of these down a mountain side right now...


This is the big wheeled version of the Flare.

This bike is a riot to ride and a bit of a shapeshifter: Fast and fun in a way its 120mm travel doesn't even begin to hint at, yet comfortable and long legged for those pedaling-and-look-at-the-view days.

Confidence inspiring, and with you all the way, that's the FlareMAX.

Frames start at just £1499, and we ship worldwide from our base in the heart of the Peak District.

It's such an exciting time for our company, getting these new bikes available to you. We love riding these bikes and to have options for people who like all sorts of different types of riding and styles of bike to get onto a Cotic something we're really looking forward to.

Hopefully you're excited too. We'd love to hear what you think of the new bikes.

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