21/06/2016 - Nice Game

Here's a cool little game a mate of mine just emailed to me.

"Anyone ever have that thing where you're just sitting doing work, or washing up, or whatever... and a random ride from the past pops into your mind?"

Here's what Cy put when he emailed this to the newsletter list earlier:

This one night at Thieves Wood about 10 years ago when me, Paul and Ian just rode around at what felt like light speed about 6 inches off eachothers' wheel, completely in tune with what all the others were doing. Magical.

Surfing the snow down Spooky Woods with Kelvin and Olly at Singletrack Awards 05 when no one else would come out riding. Had to stop at one point because I was laughing so much.

Cy Stannage

The first time I properly nailed one of the tricky trails near my house. It clicked and I got flowing down it and I finally knew I was home.

What's yours? Have fun with it.

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