07/03/2016 - Introducing Sam and the Demo Tour

Today we have some really exciting news; our new employee (no 4). Meet Sam Capper, our new Demo guy.

He'll be driving around the country with our demo bikes, but we're doing things a little differently to what you might expect. Over to Sam...

"The idea is to bring our bikes to you. You know your local trails better than anyone, and they are the perfect proving ground for your prospective new bike, after all they are the trails you'll be riding most of the time. I will be armed with our full demo fleet, a box of tools and plenty of different sizes of stems and bars. You will be able to try out any frame size, set up to how you like it, on trails you know so you can give the bike a good pasting on your terms.

We are putting together a tour of demo rides across the UK, some low key informal rides, perhaps joining you on your weekly night ride, and more formal days where you can book a slot and join us at some of the UK's most popular locations. We need your help to put this together, where would you like us to stop on this tour for you to try out a bike? Do you have a group of mates who'd love to swing a leg over a Rocket, or a Soul, Solaris, on you weekly ride? How about a quick local road spin on an Escapade or Roadrat? Tell us and we'll make it happen!

We hope to get to all corners of the UK, so nowhere is off limits in that sense. I will be able to tailor the demos to suit you and your local trails, so if you want to try a couple of different sizes or set ups we can use a short loop for multiple laps, or if you'd like to try one bike for a longer time in the saddle to help you decide, we can organise that too. If you've never tried a Cotic before this is the perfect chance, and if you're thinking of upgrading you can try a few different bikes back to back."

Please get in touch and let us know where you'd like us to come with the van full of bikes, we have a blank calendar to work with and Sam is raring to go! Get him on sam@cotic.co.uk, and from this week the general Demo contact demo@cotic.co.uk will also find it's way to him. As he said, let him know where you are, what you want to ride and we will see you soon for a ride.