18/01/2016 - Cotic at London Bike Show

This year we will again have a stand at the London Bike Show which is ExCeL on 11-14 February. We will be on stand LB4201 with our whole range of bikes to come and have a look at, and Paul and Cy will be on hand to have a chat about them.

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Paul is well under way with the woodwork to make this years' stand a belter, and Richard is gathering pics to print to make it look extra pretty.

Being seasoned Show professionals we will have all the necessities to keep us going for the whole four days as well.

Day 3 @londonbikeshow. We have T's and mugs on the stand for just 10 a pop. Immediate handsomeness with every purchase (strong black coffee models own)

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We might even spring a few surprises.......

Book your tickets now and come along and say hello.

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