23/08/2016 - A Good Question from Facebook

We got asked a pretty good question over the weekend on our Facebook page. So good that we thought we would share it more widely, as we expect Johannes isn't the only person wondering this....

‎Johannes Karlsmyr‎ to Cotic 21 August at 11:46

Hey Cotic! You have probably at least one in your staff that have been riding both the Flare MAX and the Rocket MAX and can give a short comparison. Is the Rocket "much" heavier and less flickable then the Flare? Is the Flare "much" more nervous due to the one degree steeper head-angle and shorter wheelbase etc?

Today i ride a trail-bike with 100mm travel in the rear and 140mm up front and 67 degree head angle, and i really don't have a big urge for more travel in the rear, but could consider it if it's not in my way ;-)

I hope someone can fill in with their experience of both MAX bikes!

Both bikes looks fantastic by the way, great job!

Hi Johannes.

Thanks for a good question, you're not the only person to ask. Both bikes (fairly understandably) have a similar feel, and the RocketMAX isn't MUCH heavier or less flickable than the FlareMAX.

With the big (29" or Plus) wheels the FlareMAX feels way more capable than you would expect for 'just' a 120mm bike (and our demo bike has 120mm forks too). Compared to the RocketMAX it's a little easier to flick from your wrists around corners, whereas the RocketMAX is a little more stable and needs a more lean the bike technique. That said, the RocketMAX is still a good all round ride, but it is very, very capable once it gets rough and fast.

I think I would sum it up like this: I (Cy) ride a RocketMAX because I live in the Peak District with fast, rocky terrain on my doorstep all the time. I also visit the Alps each year and prefer to take the same bike I ride most of the time. If I lived somewhere flatter, with more singletrack, and simply visited rocky areas occasionally I think a FlareMAX would be the one, and probably the only mountain bike I would need.

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