30/08/2016 - New Soul - Thru Axles and Stealth

There is a NEW Soul coming. And despite many of you being party to Cy's many rants about QRs on hardtails, the crushing inevitability of thru axle compatibility has reached our iconic model.

The new frame retains the current ace OFI geometry and is largely unchanged in terms of construction, but we have added some nice details which we hope you'll appreciate:

X-12 Thru Axle dropout option on the new Soul, shown in the new Aqua colour

Down tube dropper post and front mech routing, shown here on the BFe275.
New Soul is not available in Fast Red

They're much nicer shifting, lots more mud clearance, and being front entry the cable runs along the down tube in p-clips just like the internal seatpost routing so we can get rid of the top run stops, which in turn looks cleaner if you're running 1x. Given they're available down to Deore level and that lots of you are now using 1x drivetrains, we hope you'll forgive this small narrowing of the compatibility on our new frame.

We haven't had any production samples shipped, so photos of complete bikes will be another few weeks, but you can order your bike or frame now. They'll be delivered on the 23rd September in the UK and early the following week worldwide.

There is as price increase to go with these unfortunately. The Soul is the best hardtail we make, and we don't cut corners on it. We use the best materials to make it as light as we can, with all the features we can. This is, however, the first batch of frames that have hit our new post-Brexit reality of US Dollar exchanges rates in the 1.20s, not the 1.50s. This means the QR version of the frame increases by 10% to 549, and the X-12 thru axle version is 599. Bike prices rise by a similar amount, starting with the QR wheel version of the Silver build at 1699. At the other end of the scale we have now introduced a Platinum build at 3299 with XTR, Race Face Next SL cranks and Turbine dropper post, Fox 34 Factory FIT4 forks, Joystick stem and carbon bars. It is beautiful. There are also all the GO CUSTOM options when ordering your bike introduced with the droplink bikes: Hope brakes, Carbon wheels, switch your brakes or fork specs.

You can order your frames or bikes by clicking here now:


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