03/05/2016 - Cotic Race Team 2016

The race team wouldn't happen without the help of a solid platform, some amazing sponsors, supporters, and most importantly, two phenomenal riders.

This year we're running with sponsorship from WTB with their outstanding Ci24 Carbon rims on race wheels, and ST i25 rims on training wheels, a vast choice of awesome tyres from the Vigilante through the Trail Boss to the Riddler, and the fantastic Padloc grips.

On the soft goods side, our good friends at ONEAL Europe have provided Rockstacker shorts, open face helmets, goggles, and protection from their Sinner and AMX knee and elbow pads.

The Sheffield connection is strong with Hookit Products providing Joystick Analog carbon bars, Builder stems and Binary saddles, Ninjaz Gloves and 35 Bikes brake spares.

As well as our sponsors, we also have support with some of the best kit in the industry, with X Fusion Sweep Roughcut HLR forks, Cane Creek shocks, Shimano drivetrain and brakes and Industry Nine hubs.

We're big believers in running what we sell, so you'll see that the boys are effectively riding our Gold spec Rocket bikes, just with some MUCH posher wheels. We're looking at offering Ci24 Carbon rimmed wheels as an option. Would be interesting to know what you're thoughts on this would be, priced at around 1000 upcharge over the Hope Hoops on the stock bike.

The whole crew is a treat this year and we're having a lot of fun with it. Big thanks to everyone who's involved; lets keep those podiums coming! A little video to cheer up your post bank-holiday blues...

Check out the podium grabbing Rocket details here…

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