23/05/2016 - Tweedlove International Day 2

Swinny at tweedlove

Unfortunately Day 2 wasn't kind to Chay at Tweedlove International. Whilst comfortably still leading the Vets race, he clipped a rock with his rear mech, but the hanger and fixing was all stripped out, so he couldn't get back up and running again and had to retire. Very frustrating all round, but good to see the speed is there!

Swinny had another good day on the more extreme tracks that Day 2 brought, over on the Golf Course side. He climbed a place to 15th overall behind some very big names, so pretty happy with that. As always there are things to learn and things to do better next time. We'll be back!

Final thing is that both lads said how fantastic Tweedlove Festival is, so get yourself up there next year if you get the chance.

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