04/05/2016 - Where's Sam Wednesday - CORRECTED

Hope you enjoyed the team video yesterday. Seems to be going down pretty well. First off a new thing today, we're starting Where's Sam Wednesday to let you all know where our man with the demo van will be this weekend.

This weekend Sam will be at GRIZEDALE Forest on Saturday 7th May, and at Stainburn at Norwood Edge Trails on Sunday 8th May. He'll be up and running by 9 am on both days.

Grizedale on Forestry website....

Stainburn on Forestry website...

Both are public demos, so you can either rock up and see what we've got and take a bike out for a quick spin, or if you have a specific requirement and/or time, drop Sam a line on sam@cotic.co.uk and let him know what you're after.

If you'd like to discuss it with Sam or give him a shout on the day, call 07398189114. Only not today because he's on his 'weekend' after doing a sterling job down in Bristol and Somerset over the Bank Holiday. He's back in tomorrow (Thursday 5th May).

Bikes-wise, we have the full fleet of Rockets in all sizes, plus we have medium and large sized Soul and Solaris on the fleet now. We also have a set of Plus wheels for the Solaris if you're chubby-curious, and if you're interested in a BFe275, the Soul is exactly the same shape as the BFe, just 1 degree steeper on the head angle, so riding a Soul will get you sorted for fit and give you a good idea of feel.

Sam is also around on Friday so if you can't make the weekend and you're in the Yorkshire/South Lancs area and want a private demo - maybe you and some mates want to ride on Friday evening? - then give him a shout.

The full list of public demos currently booked in as on the new page for all things Demo on the Cotic website, on the DEMO button at the top of the page, or direct link is here:


Pop it in your Favourites.

Don't forget, Sam is still booking private and public demos well into the summer now. If you're near any of the locations mentioned but can't make the weekend, maybe we can hook up a private demo on a Thursday, Friday or Monday day time or evening to fit you in? If you want us to bring the demo to you, then let us know where. Get in touch with Sam and we'll try make it happen.

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