17/03/2017 - Cane Creek DB Coil IL

Cane Creek DBCoil IL

We have been asked a few times about the Cane Creek DB Coil IL since they were announced. It's an interesting idea - a slimline coil shock with all the sensitivity of a coil shock but without all of the weight of a big DH shock. We have had a sample shock for a few months and Cy and Sam have both been riding on it...

DB Coil IL

So, starting with weight, with it's light weight VALT spring it's around 300 grams heavier than the DB Inline, but 200 grams lighter than a DB Coil with regular spring.

It's a very different feeling shock to the DB Inline (Cy's usual shock of choice). With our usual base settings it moves a lot more, with the sensitivity off the top really noticeable. Sam can't believe the sensitivity of this shock. Due to the lack of progression on the spring rate, it does use it's travel a little more easily than the air shock. This is easily sorted by adding an extra turn of High Speed Compression damping to slow it down at the end of the stroke. As we only usually suggest 1.0 turn from lightest setting for HSC, there's plenty of scope to keep things under control.

The other differences are High Speed Rebound range, which is different to the Inline. Where we use 3.0 turns of HSR on the DB Inline, you need 2.0 turns to get the same feel from the Coil IL. The other nice difference in setup is that the Climb Switch is more aggressive. It's still not a full lockout, but given how incredibly supple the Coil IL is, it's a welcome change to calm the shock down on smoother surfaces.

Sam's Rocket

We have them available now on Rocket and RocketMAX, and we have 450, 500, 550 and 600lb springs in stock. At 85kg I hovered between a 550lb and 600lb spring on my RocketMAX, and Sam is 68kg and needs a 500lb shock on his Rocket (see photo below). When you order yours pop a note on the order for which spring you'd like, and place the order. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss more: 07970 853531. They're a 130 upcharge over a DB Inline shock and available now: Order your Rocket

At the moment we're only offering them on the Rockets, but we'd really like to hear from Flare and FlareMAX owners, and potential owners, to know if you think it would be good to have the 50mm stroke option would be a good addition to the range./p>

Read Pinkbike's review here.

In other news we have an offer! Any Cotic bike ordered can get a Joystick 50mm stem upgrade worth 50 for free! Lovely looking CNC goodness, and saves a few grams over the Race Face 50mm. This offer ends 31st March 2017.

Spank Joystick

The other item is a new option; we have Spank Spoon bars in stock. They're 780mm wide and 25mm rise, with a great shape. We have them in Black or Orange (!!) We think these will look amazing on a gunmetal FlareMAX, or one of our orange or green frames. No cost option on any of the bike builds.

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