28/07/2017 - Cotic Grit and Steel Sheffield Riding Map Now a Poster

Cotic Grit and Steel Sheffield Riding Map Now a Poster!


You might have seen earlier in the year that we commissioned a bespoke piece of art. We put a lot into our local scene, with our annual 0.5% of sales Trail Fund, as well as volunteering with Ride Sheffield. We love our City and our region, and we wanted to pay tribute to it. Our bikes are all about great design, so we had to put the same effort into any artwork we were going to commission and we loved the result. It was the Grit and Steel Map.

It lists all the amazing riding areas near us, and is something just plain cool to hang on the wall. We even did a bit of an art launch and exhibition for it. Get us!

The original prints were limited run, beautiful art Glicee prints, individually stamped and numbered on 315GSM paper. It's all in the details, as always! There's a bit of background over on the website. Have a read. We still have a few left if you'd like a piece of history:

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However, this week we have just received our run of A1 poster versions. Still look amazing, if not quite as special as the original prints. These are just 15 posted. Available now:

Orders yours here: Grit and Steel Map Posters

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