20/07/2018 - Surviving Mega

Surviving Mega

We lived. Now you can too.

Sam & Baybutt headed to France to race the Megavalanche and survived. Here's how...

The Megavalanche was never even on my radar but with Wes & Will peer-pressuring us into it, we couldn't really say no. Swept along in the tidal wave of stoke and craziness, we found ourselves part of the daftest bike race in the history of daft bike races. A mass start DH from 3300M down to 700m in the valley floor, with hundreds of worryingly like-minded cyclists. The video gives a good idea of what we got up to in the few days we were there. I can say with 100% conviction that it was worth the effort. Seriously one of the best events I've ever been a part of - it went from 'not even on the list to 'right at the top'. Get it booked and you'll see what makes it all so special. Baybutt

What an experience, easily the most ridiculous thing I've ever done, mega was a brilliant mixture of type A and type B fun. I'm no racer by any stretch of the imagination, but I managed to qualify for the Challenger race, which is the second fastest group and this felt like a pretty big achievement in itself. The snow in the main race was utter carnage and I was pretty happy when I reached the end of it and my tyres hit dirt and rock. From then on it was great, I got overtaken a lot, but also had a few good overtakes myself including an inside in the woods that felt awesome! My only aims were to survive, not come last and enjoy it. Nailed all three so that's a win in my eyes. After crossing the line I thought that's it, survived and enjoyed, not doing that again. However, after a couple of days to process all the madness I can't help think I'll be back again one day for another go. Sam


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