24/08/2018 - New Soul Option

More Souls - New Colour

The smashingly successful new Soul has a new batch due in a couple of weeks. We have a new option for you - blue/magenta. The blue has been a hit on some of our other bikes this year, so we thought we would give you Soul riders the option too. Doesn't it look great?

The new blue/magenta Cotic Soul - Steel Mountain Bike
Soul - Blue/MagentaSoul - Blue/Magenta

Also restocking is the ridiculously popular Mercury/Orange. We've been out of a couple of sizes of these for a while so order yours now for delivery mid-September to avoid disappointment


The Soul has just recently been in MBUK for a test too. They loved and said:

"Super, taut yet floated, light yet tough steel frame."

"Radical stretched, speed-boosting singletrack geometry"

The liked it then!

The new batch is due in a couple of weeks, but you can order now to reserve yours. There are also still a handful frames in stock ready to go, in orange/blue frames (which are also being topped up) and mercury/magenta frames (which aren't being restocked, so grab one now if you love this option).

Order your Cotic Soul today…