20/12/2018 - OPT

Cy hates lockouts.

But Cane Creek's Climb Switch isn't a lockout in the traditional sense. It actually does what they all should do (in our opinion) and leaves the suspension working, but more supportive. By acting on both the Low Speed Compression AND Rebound circuits it firms up the support and slows down the responses to big pedalling loads, which is spot on for slow, technical climbs where you are putting in some big efforts and low cadence, and maybe throwing some bodyweight around too. It's like winding the adjusters in about 8 clicks without all the faff. However you still have to fiddle about grabbing the shock lever and can forgot to turn it off. Not the end of the world because of the way it works, but not optimal.

Then around 18 months ago Cane Creek released the OPT remote for the Climb Switch...


The OPT allows you to keep your hands on the bar, and more easily switch the switch. This means you can better optimise the open settings, knowing you can always easily switch the switch when you want some firmer damping for climbing... and switch back again, no matter how rowdy the trail conditions... because there's no reaching down to the shock... your hands stay on the bars at all times.

You can add an OPT to any of our droplink bikes when you order (with a Cane Creek IL shock), or, if you have your bike already, order just the OPT itself, and add it to your IL setup.

Already got an IL? Order an OPT from us…