04/06/2018 - Off Road CC Test Rocket

Rachael's Rocket

"We took a very first look at the new Cotic Rocket back in February 2018 and right away we knew we had to get one in for test. Its longer and slacker than previous iterations, sporting Cotic's Longshot Geometry and a suitable low seat tube height too. Our Rachael thought it'd be an ideal long-termer, allowing her to get the reach she'd like without a lofty seat tube. We introduced the bike a couple of weeks ago when Rachael covered it in Invisiframe prior to building.

Longshot geometry Cotic says "brings a new balance, speed and capability to the Rocket". Frames have been made longer to be matched with a short stem (30mm-50mm) which combined with a slacker head angle should create a stable bike that's a hoot when things get steep and rough. It's nice to see 437mm chainstays in play too helping balance out the front to rear weight balance as the frame gets longer..."

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