23/03/2018 - Rich Ski-An-Duro


Last weekend Rich went beyond the wall to the frozen North for a ski + bike race. Here’s his report and (*cringe) vlog…


For some reason, when it was announced, I was tagged in the Ski-An-Duro event by more than a few of my friends! Thought I’d better take a look… Turned out to be amazing. The premise was to ski or snowboard from the top of the Nevis Range resort to the mid station. There you’d swap onto your bike and race down the DH track to the finish. Mass start mayhem. With Mega coming up in the summer this was going to be a perfect warm up for multi-bike carnage. Except the weather didn’t play ball. High winds closed the lifts so the organisers had no choice but to cancel the race the day before. I’d already booked the van, the accommodation & time so I went anyway and made the most of it. The organisers put on a ride-out anyway. I’d taken my BMX so had always planned to make a trip to Unit 23 in Dumbarton. Add to the mix the chance to borrow a 360 camera and the race had already been long forgotten. Check out the video for the whole story and have your brain fried with crazy 360 footage. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then just watch and be prepared to see riding from an entirely new perspective…

Check out the video at the bottom of the page. Let us know what you think about these longer video edits as it’s something we’re thinking of doing more of.

Have an excellent weekend and remember some of the best things happen when plans change unexpectedly.


Ben Nevis (& Rich)

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