28/02/2018 - SNOWMAGEDDON 2018


sheff snow

Morning all. As much as we like to play down SNOWMAGEDDON in the North, this view is what we woke up to this morning in Sheffield and it is still coming down hard. As a result I have made the call to close the workshop today rather than risk travelling to keep us all safe. We are on the phone, email, on here and insta, but we are not building bikes today, which is going to delay getting orders out. We are sorry about this, and will keep you informed.

In slightly more fun news, the bulk shipment of FlareMAX frames will be here next week, so if you're on back order on those it will be dispatched next Thursday (snow permitting!) and if you are having a think, then they'll be available in all sizes and colours from stock. The main batch of RB5 forks will also catch up with the new Escapade frames so we'll be fully stocked on those too, which is nice!

London Bike Show was fantastic for us. Me and Rich had a blast, and it was so nice to meet so many owners old and new, as well as lots of potential new owners. One great thing for me was talking through the new Soul with owners of the 26" original. On paper the new bike seems quite a departure from the original, but it's still very much a Soul. Getting people sitting on the bike, getting a feel for it, talking through the ideas behind it: It was great.

We chatted to Singletrack (as you can see on the Live vid below) and there's also a back up story and some LOVELY new pictures of the Rocket details as well:

Singletrack Rocket First Look

Another cool thing that happened at the show was that the British Independent brands got to catch up, meet, hang out. Rich donned his blue beret and went on a UN style diplomatic mission to line up this photo. We all have pretty strong brands, which does tend to breed a bit of a tribal attitude because you like YOUR brand when you buy a bike. Sometimes it's a bit easy to lose sight of the fact that we're actually all mates, and just really like bikes. This is me with the Sick Bicycles guys, the Bird and BTR guys, and Dan Stanton. Honourable mention to Hope who wanted to get involved but were mobbed by kids on their Academy stand, and Fibrax and Orange who were at the show, but we missed them before we could get this together.

UK Indy Brands

Bikes are great, innit?!! Now, where's the sledges?



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