28/09/2018 - SodaMAX Launched


Titanium Flagship Hardtail is BACK

Well we kept this one quiet didn't we? From 2005 to 2011 we had the Soda as the pinnacle of our hardtail range. A super versatile, lightweight evolution of the original Soul, it was one of the first ti frames to be able to take up to 130mm forks and big tyres, but its weight and beautifully balanced handling found it a home on the race track. Our first sponsored rider Kate Potter dominated the UK long distance scene in 2005-6-7, hitting the podium in multiple endurance events and 24hr hour solo races. Then - in one of those 'pinch me' twists of fate we still can't quite believe happened - Kate was spotted by Cycling Australia and ended up representing her country at the Canberra World Championships in 2009, all aboard her trusty titanium Cotic Soda. We never expected THAT to happen when Cotic started!


Fast forward to 2018 and we bring you the latest frame to wear that Soda name - the brand new SodaMAX. Based on our spectacularly popular new SolarisMAX, the new titanium frame takes all the fantastic attributes of it's steel sibling and adds a big chunk of weight loss, a subtle and lively ride feel and beautiful bare metal finishes.


Cy has been riding the prototype since last winter, and it's actually the frame he used to prove out the Longshot edition of the SolarisMAX. It's a spectacularly fast and fun bike to ride.

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The new SodaMAX is limited to just 20 frames in 2018 - 10 brushed, 10 polished, in the full range of sizes.

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