16/09/2019 - Easy Ways Onto A New Cotic

Easy Way Onto A New Cotic

SodaMAX Ti Loveliness

0% Finance

Unlike a lot of the other brands who sell direct, if you are in the UK we offer 0% Finance. For the last couple of years you have been able to get up to 24 months interest free to get you onto a new Cotic.

We have a finance calculator (click here to have a play) if you want to have a play with options, but for instance, a RocketMAX Gold build bike would be 837 deposit, 138 per month for 24 months.

Our Singletrack Award Nominated Flare frame with Cane Creek shock would be as little as 415 down, 66 per month for the same 24 months. You can get your monthlies down even further if you have a larger deposit too. It's all flexible.

Escapade Gold 1x

Cycle 2 Work

We have been offering Cyclescheme and Green Commute Initiative options for the UK's salary sacrifice option for a few years as well. The bike news this year is that they have lifted the 1000 cap and allowed 'top ups' where you can pay a bit of your own money for some extras if you have it. That means that rather than being restricted to buying a frame via the scheme, you can now buy complete bikes. We have already had a SolarisMAX Gold build go on Green Commute Initiative.

If they aren't already, you need to get your employer on board with either of these schemes, and then apply for a voucher. Once you have that code your can order your Cotic and send us the details. Simple as that!

FlareMAX 132

New Offer - Up to 3 Years 0% on Selected Models

Until the end of October, we are offering 3 Years Interest Free Finance on the SodaMAX, FlareMAX and Rocket model lines.

This is for frames and bikes, so you could get yourself on our 2019 Limited Edition SodaMAX ti hardtail frame for 377 deposit and just 39.50 per month. That is a lot of shiny Ti goodness for very small monthly outgoings.

Or if you want some droplink suspension action, a FlareMAX 120 or 132

, or a Rocket frame, are just 363 deposit and 38.50 per month with the Cane Creek DB Air IL shock.

The Rocket even comes in classic Cotic Orange, and everybody know Too Much Orange Is Only Just Enough.


Remember we have been consistent on all our components sizes with our bikes: Same headset, same BB, same seatpost size. So, if you have one of our earlier droplink bikes, or a hardtail, you could frame swap onto one of our brilliant Longshot geometry bikes very easily and get that new bike feeling.

The only change was moving to Boost from 142 on the 27.5" bikes, and we have Hope Boost conversions in stock. We have got you covered. If you send it your current headset we will even fit it for you. Just pop a note on the order.

To order on Finance, simply tick the box and the bottom of the form, choose your time period and click PLACE PROVISIONAL ORDER. We will then make sure everything is sorted with your order and setup your application. We like to keep an Actual Person involved in the process, which is why it might take a few hours or the next day before your finance application email comes through.

Hopefully that's got you thinking about your next frame or bike. Give us a shout if you have any questions about the finance or the bikes. We're always pleased to hear from you. Drop us a line any time.

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