11/09/2019 - The new Cotic BFe

Cotic BFe 2020

BFe 2020

It feels crazy to think that just 2 years ago the BFe established the blueprint for our Longshot geometry revolution, but it's true. Fast forward to today and Longshot has been rolled out across the range, establishing Cotic as some of the best handling bikes around. Learning from the constant development of our droplink full suspension bikes and our award winning SolarisMAX, we've made a few key tweaks to the Bfe; our genre defying, 27.5", do-it-all hardtail.

The new BFe applies our latest geometry developments, bringing in revised angles and better bike fit. The steeper seat angle puts you in a more effective, central place on the bike; making climbing even easier. We've slackened the head angle by a degree to match this, giving you more confidence than ever on those critical steep trails and fast corners. Optimised around a 140mm fork but can be ridden raced & rallied with anything between 120mm and 160mm. Paired with a 35m stem and low standover from the dropped top tube; this bike handles sharply, and loves to get airborne. Due to popular demand, we've also added an XL size for the first time in the BFe's life.

BFe 2020

Wheel standards are finally calming down and most people are calling for Boost rear spacing to future-proof their purchase. Combined with our Super Clearance stays for the latest generation of 2.6" tyres and you are set for years of fun. From razzing round the BMX track, racing enduros and tearing up trail centres, there's nothing the BFe can't do. Crabapple hits? Done. Podium top steps? Also done.

Frames are 549, and Silver build bikes start from 1799. They are available worldwide with free shipping on frames and bikes throughout western and central Europe, and subsidised shipping to the rest of the world.

BFe 2020

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