16/12/2019 - Comfy Cockpit

You only touch the bike in 3 places so why not make these places the best you possibly can? We've been loving the super-grippy Burgtec composite pedals since they came out and so far had zero complaints. The extended axle length has meant that Cy's knee troubles have all but disappeared and riders on the demo tour have been lucky enough to use them as there's a good stock in the van for events. Burgtec bars too are a really great place to put your hands - lots of rise options and a backsweep that really puts you in control. The whole team ran these bars for the 2019 season and we've since stocked many pairs on bikes. Pedals are 39 and Carbon DH bars are 100.

Now we're super happy to announce that we're also stocking the groundbreaking Revgrips and Fabric Scoop saddles to really finish off your cockpit.

Starting with Revgrips, if you haven't heard of these, you might be wondering why on earth a pair of grips costs 99... Inside each of the metal collars are rubber bushings and a series of friction rings. The grip floats around the bar and can rotate slightly, taking out a whole heap of buzz from the trail. You can customise the feel from ultra soft to ultra firm and whilst they take a run to get used to, most people who use them say they can't imagine going back to a standard grip. Baybutt tested them during the summer and said the weirdest / best effect was feeling like the bike had more 'pop' as you initiated a jump. If you suffer from arm pump, want to hop a bit higher or are constantly searching for any gains possible, these are the grips for you. You won't be disappointed. Rev Grips 99

To round off the contact points is the legendary, award winning, Fabric Scoop Radius saddle. We went all out and ordered the Race version with Ti rails for that extra weight saving. Saddles are as subjective as shoes but pretty much everyone who has plonked their posterior on this plush perch has been more than pleased. Demo man Sam has had one of these on his RocketMAX for over a year now after trying out a literal armful of others. These are available for just 55.

All, or a combination, are available to spec on your new Cotic, just make your choice on the drop down menus on the order page.

Get comfy, whatever Cotic you ride.…