01/10/2019 - New OneUp dropper post options

OneUp Dropper V2.1

New option for more drop

We have been fans of OneUp Components parts right from back when they gave us the option to go 1x10 on our Rocket26s.

Their first generation dropper posts offered a lot of drop for not a lot of insertion, with length tuneable in 10mm increments with shims. It looked like a great option on paper and we got one for Sam. At the time his chosen Demo Tour work steed of a FlareMAX in medium combined with his 5ft 7in height to make seat drop a little tight, due to upsizing his bike. In practice, the fact the seatpost used the outer housing movement to actuate it meant they were difficult to set up on our droplink bikes due to the cable routing around the pivot in the middle of the seat tube, and it was also a little finnicky to keep running, so at the time we decided against offering it to customers. One the flip side, it's been extremely reliable, and you could never accuse Sam's bike of being low mileage and fair weather!

FlareMAX 132

Earlier this year OneUp released V2 of the seatpost, with more drop options and some refinements. More excitingly for us was the V2.1 option. Supposedly developed for another brands bikes to avoid a seat tube pivot, it's the perfect solution for our bikes. Not only does the V2.1 actuator offset the cable entry from the centre of the post - which now makes for perfect cable alignment within the seat tube of a droplink bike - the V2.1 actuator also uses inner cable pull rather than housing movement, so no more snagging on internal hardware in the frames. Bonza!

Cy has been running a 180mm drop post in his RocketMAX all summer, and it's been great. He had been using a 150mm drop X Fusion Manic which was also great, but the extra drop has been useful on a couple of occasions. Being taller and running an XL size he could run a 210mm drop too.

As a result of this, we soft launched the OneUp V2.1 posts as an option for customers earlier in the summer. They are available now and we have 150mm and 180mm drop options in stock. Other options are available to order, but we'll need to double check your saddle height first. The easiest way to check is to look up the Maximum Seatpost Insertion value on the Geometry and Sizing chart of the Cotic frame you're considering, and then compare it to Dimension F on the diagram on the OneUp Components Website.

OneUp V2 Dropper Post Dimensions OneUp V2 Dropper Post Dimensions

If you're unsure, just put a note on your order when placing it and we'll confirm everything before we build you bike. That's the beauty of buying a bike from us - it's Your Bike Built For You.

FlareMAX 132

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