24/10/2019 - New SolarisMAX Colours

New Colours on SolarisMAX

Spacey new options for your favourite 29er hardtail

Cotic solarisMAX in Hubble Purple

Hubble Purple

Cotic SolarisMAX in gorgeous Mercury


We have another batch of SolarisMAX frames arriving tomorrow - they really are selling like hot cakes! This time we have changed up the colours though.

We have added Mercury to the range; the beautiful liquid silver colour you will have seen on a couple of our other bikes. The new colour to us is Hubble Purple, continuing with our spacey theme on these.

Cotic solarisMAX in new colours

Cosmic Black is restocked in all it's subtle, sparkly loveliness. We still have a handful of stock of Red Dwarf and British Racing Green from the previous drop a few weeks ago, and a couple of Dark Metal in small, but these aren't being re-stocked so if you like those pick one up before they're gone. The British Racing Green was a one batch only job, so it's even a limited edition of sorts! And with the news that we won't be doing another run of SodaMAX, maybe a nice Mercury coloured SolarisMAX will fill that shiny, brilliant bike shaped hole in your life if you missed one of the ti frames?

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We have had a bit of a mix up with production so mediums aren't available straight away, but they're coming soon. All other sizes arrive tomorrow and will be shipping from next week.

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Hope you like them!

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