02/08/2019 - Cotic Women of Steel Ride Out

Cotic's Women of Steel is a group encouraging more women to get out riding bikes and meeting other like-minded women. We're hoping to get more women out on the trails and share the joy of cycling.

For this Ride Out we went out to Sherwood Pines, a place that some women in the group rode weekly, and some of us had never been. It seemed like the perfect place to meet up and be showed around.

Cotic Women of Steel ride out Sherwood Pines

We've had some terrible weather recently (especially those in North Yorkshire! Poor Ard Rock), so a few women opted to miss out on this ride, completely understandably... I wondered whether or not to pack my snorkel. It was great to see familiar faces and a new one join us as we got ourselves ready to hit the red trail.

Women of Steel at Sherwood Pines

Dodging the puddles we wove our way through the trails - quickly accepting that we were going to have soggy feet and get very muddy! We visited the DH track and encouraged each other to start at the top of the start ramp, quite a daunting thing when you haven't been on one before. We all did it and got a real buzz! We had a great time and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Cotic Women of Steel ride out Sherwood Pines

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