26/06/2020 - Camus' Rocket

Camus' Custom Cotic Rocket Build

Camus gets his Rocket lit

Camus, the emeritus professor at the hardtail university, has graduated to full suspension! This is a big deal - we found it hard enough to keep up with him before, now we've no chance!

His choice of bounce has gone to a new UK made Rocket in the same Sunny Yellow as his old frame. All the parts from his BFe carried over and all there is left to do is tweak the suspension, pump up the tyres and ride the hell out of it.

Camus gets his Rocket lit

Staying relatively close to a Gold Build, He's gone for a bump in travel on his Helm mk1's, up to 170mm. The rear is looked after by an Air CS shock. Wheels are provided by Hunt. Endurowide on the front but the rear is their DH rim - much needed when you ride as fast & hard as Dave on a hardtail. There's cushcore in there too. All the padding.

Camus gets his Rocket litCamus gets his Rocket litCamus gets his Rocket litCamus gets his Rocket lit

Hope components adorn the headset, brakes and crankset, whilst sram GX is the drivetrain of choice. These are held up by a pair of Burgtec Carbon bars tied to a Burgtec 35mm stem. Dave's feet are kept firmly in place with a well-loved pair of DMR V12's and the saddle is a Fabric Scoop - just like the ones we have in stock right now.

Camus gets his Rocket lit

If you want to get your hands on a copy of this exact bike then drop us an email and we can get it ordered for you. Unfortunately we can't promise you'll ever be as fast as him though...

Camus gets his Rocket lit

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