08/04/2020 - Baybutt's Rocket

Baybutt's custom Rocket build

Two years on this Rocket have flown by! Richard's was one of the first longshot Rockets in the UK, back in February 2018. A (now much-loved) cosmic paint job and black graphics turned many heads, and the addition of some choice components sets this rocket apart.

The paint code was plucked from the catalogue at a boozy christmas party in 2017 and when the frame turned up it was love at first sight. Its first public appearance was the Howard St Dual in Sheffield. Baybutt was promptly dispatched by a certain Ratboy but no blame can be laid on the bike for that exit! Since then he's completed the Megavalanche, the Peak 200 (self supported 230km round the Peak district, off road, in under 24 hours), the Brighton Big Dog, Golfy, Kilburn, Wharny, Rivelin, Wales, Vision line, Morgins, Samoëns, and countless sketchy adventures in between. He logged over 300 rides in 2019 and the majority were aboard the now infamous Crystaäl.

For the bouncy business, he's gone for Cane Creek front and back, and gone up on the weight for the coil to give more support for compressions. He's keen to try a big can air shock on the next build - if he ever stops riding this one! Hunt supplied the Enduro Wide rims, shod with WTB tyres - 2.6 Light, High Grip out front and currently a Judge 2.4 out back. Setting up tubeless is not a task he shies away from so depending on the weather it gets swapped to a Trailboss tough fast 2.6 or a Riddler semi-slick for uber speed! He's also been testing the 12 speed Sunrace 51t cassette since before the microspline confusion was cleared up, linked to a 34t oval ring from Superstar at the front. The Oval just gives your foot a nudge over TDC when you need to get into the power the most. Oval for life now. The pièce de résistance are the eeWing cranks - a treat to himself after winning Pinkbike photo of the year in 2019.

Control wise, the ubiquitous Burgtec pedals (only on their second rebuild in at least 5 hard years) take care of the feet, whilst a pair of very very worn Sensus Swayze grips (somehow) keep his hands on the bars. The third contact point is a Fabric Scoop saddle - comfy straight from the box, it's now pretty polished after hours and hours of bike time.

It's going to take something very special to get him off this bike but the new gen4 Rocket might just be the key... We'll see. "The best mtb I have EVER owned" - Baybutt

You can get yourself pretty close to this build with a gold spec Rocket and a few extras which are available now. EeWing cranks and the comfy cockpit kit will go a huge way to making your next bike feel super special.

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