08/10/2020 - Launching Cotic BFe 2021

Launching the new BFe

Today we are opening orders on the new BFe. Due in February 2021, we have updated our 27.5" wheel tearaway with a few choice improvements to an already fantastic machine. With an unbroken production run reaching all the way back to 2005, it's now our longest running model, with a rich history of wowing people with quite how capable a hardtail can be.

Cotic BFe, steel hardtail, Reynolds 853, Cotic Bikes, enduro mountain bike, 27.5Cotic BFe, steel hardtail, Reynolds 853, Cotic Bikes, enduro mountain bike, 27.5

A few small changes make a big difference. With the subtle improvements we have made, the 7th generation of our hardcore classic pushes the boundaries of the aggressive hardtail even further; lower, better fitting, and more versatile than ever.

Listening to feedback from group tests and customers, we've updated the geometry of our genre defying, 27.5" wheel, do-it-all hardtail. The BFe now has a 10mm lower BB, as testing showed that this improved cornering stability, whilst still maintaining that all important pedal ground clearance. The other major benefit of this change is increased stack on all sizes, which allows taller riders in particular to more easily get comfortable on the BFe.

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The new colours are matte Army Green (like the RocketMAX) and classic gloss Cotic Orange.

They are available to order now, and price remains 549 for the frame only. You can pay in full, leave a deposit (fully refundable) or just place a provisional order just to get first refusal.

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