16/03/2020 - Cotic Covid19 Statement

Covid19 Statement

Our current plans

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Self isolating at the top of Snowdon

With the Covid19 situation escalating, I wanted to explain where Cotic is with relation to this.

Demo Tour:

Whilst we consider it safe to do so, we will continue to run demos. They rarely involve more than 10 people, so they aren't a huge gathering, and they are also outdoors which also helps minimise the risks.

What we will be doing is being sensibly cautious. We will no longer be accepting walk ups on the day, even on Open Demos. Booking with us is essential. Email demo@cotic.co.uk. We will no longer be using sign on sheets on the day. When you book on the demo, we will email you with the information we require (emergency contacts and the like) so you effectively sign in online. If you haven't provided this information prior to the demo, you won't be allowed to ride.

Sam and Darren won't be greeting you with handshakes or anything like that, and we won't be sharing tools. We will have hand santiser on the van from Monday 16th March.

For the next couple of weeks, demos happen to be relatively close to us – Cannock and Leeds – which means Darren and Sam can be home each night and don't have to stay in hotels. At the moment these events are still going ahead, but obviously we will adjust as things change. We will be in touch if you are booked on if we need to cancel for any reason.

We would really appreciate your feedback here too. How do you feel about doing demos in the current situation? What would you adjust in terms of numbers of people and how we run things to make you feel comfortable?

HQ at Calver:

From today (16th March 2020) we are no longer doing demos at Calver. We will not be open on Saturdays, we will not offer factory demos and we are suspending the Factory Collection service for new bikes from today. However any bikes booked for collection already will still go ahead.

Finally, regarding your own health, please be fair to Sam and Darren, us and our families and if you are feeling even vaguely off, please don't attend. What we cannot stress enough is that if you feel even remotely off colour, do not attend. If you know of someone in self isolation, do not attend.

Even if it's on the day, just call the demo phone 07398 189114 and let us know. We'll see you again soon, and let's all be safe.

Sales and Shipping:

Currently the only place in the world we can't ship to is Italy. All other services are open and available for all our products as of today. That is likely to change rapidly, but we will adjust to the situation as we go. Couriers within the UK are still shipping without restriction. What we do recommend is making sure you wash your hands as soon as you sign for your delivery.

As you might imagine from a working bicycle assembly workshop, we have extensive handwashing facilities already which are used regularly. Covid19 also only lasts a maximum of 12 hours outside a host, so even if there was by some small chance as infection at our end, it would be gone by the time your product reaches you. What we do suggest is washing your hands immediately after you have finished handling the cardboard packaging that your Cotic arrives in.

As for the company itself, we're small enough that not only is communication easy, but we all want to look after and do our best for eachother. As I mentioned above, we already have extensive handwashing facilities anyway, but I have made sure that everyone knows that if they are even remotely concerned about how they feel, they stay at home. Most of us remote work from time to time anyway, so we are well set up to handle home working for multiple members of staff, and it shouldn't interrupt our service to you. Let's talk bikes and keep the stoke high where we can. Call 07970 853531 to chat new bikes, or email info@cotic.co.uk.

Look After Eachother:

Most importantly, in the immortal words of Bill and Ted, “Be Excellent To Eachother”. Keep hands clean, don't handshake, appreciate others' points of view. I have been elbow bumping friends in greeting on occasion, and Rich is rather taken with the Namaste bow.

Best of all, ride your bike. We couldn't be into a better sport than cycling if we need to stay healthy and keep away from the crowds, or your other fitness activities like gyms are cancelled. If you do end up in self-isolation, we can still get you a frame to build up, and you can then go and ride it in the hills to keep fit and strong and keep your head in a good place.


Cy Turner

Founder and Director

Cotic Bikes