24/03/2020 - Cotic Covid19 Update 2 - UK Lockdown

Covid19 Statement - Update 24th March 2020

Update 2

Following the movement restrictions imposed last night by the UK Goverment I wanted to update you on our situation.


We have been on full distance working protocol this week and will continue to do so. Due to the way we are structured, and keeping in accordance with the restrictions, we are all working from home except Mechanic Will, who will work in isolation at our Calver workshop. We will maintain this until further notice from the government.

This being the case, Will is not only building bikes and prepping frame orders, he is also having to do some of Hannah's job in terms of dispatch. Packing the orders and small parts for posting. What this means in practice is that we are still very much operational, and open for (online) business, but it might take a couple more days that usual to get your order to you.

At the moment the couriers are still running, so we are still able to get deliveries of parts and ship out, but they are extremely busy so we are having to fit around them a bit. However, we will now to dispatching everyday rather than doing a big dispatch on a Thursday, so hopefully this will keep things moving.

Related to this, we have put in place a delivery quarantine protocol to protect Will, so if we receive parts stock deliveries for a bike build or frame order, it will be disinfected and left overnight before being opened. We really can't be too careful at this point, and I'm sure waiting an extra day for your bike as a result is a small price to pay. Thanks for understanding.

Spring Party:

I think it's fairly obvious by now that we are cancelling the Spring Party. It's highly unlikely that movement restrictions will be lifted by the end of April. We re-schedule the Water Vole Classic for the Autumn once we have a better idea of what we can and can't do later in the year.


Thankfully the Government restrictions on movement allow for one period of exercise outside per day, and cycling is still included. Yes! You have to ride on your own, or only with people you live with. Please, please, PLEASE respect this restriction. Our Brand Ambassdor Wayne from Chamonix MTB tells me that they started out with this level of movement in France 2 weeks ago, and people were still doing 100km rides in groups, so cycling was banned. Spain went straight for the ban. This WILL be taken away from us if we abuse the small freedom we have been granted. But for now, the sun is shining, and we are allowed to ride, so let's do that. Singletrackworld have done a great summary of the current position in the UK. Worth a read.

Singletrack Covid19 Feature

If you're reading outside the UK, then I hope the restrictions in your country aren't affecting you too badly, and you are safe and well.

In summary, we are still very much up and running, so if your job is secure, support your friendly purveyor of steel loveliness. Maybe get a frame as a build up project, or a new bike to enjoy the empty trails? We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Keep safe and well. Strange days indeed.....


Cy Turner

Founder and Director

Cotic Bikes