11/06/2020 - New SRAM Eagle GX Launched

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Today SRAM have launched their updated Eagle groupsets, and we have the brand new Eagle GX coming in for our Gold Eagle builds.

Eagle GX has been super popular over the last couple of years, introducing the Eagle 10-50 12speed drivetrain 'ecosystem' to a great price point. Until Shimano caught up recently with their own 12spd sets Eagle GX was our biggest selling drivetrain.

In typical oneupmanship fashion, this one goes up to 52! Yes, there's a brand new 10-52 cassette, with a new rear mech design to cover it. The rear mech design is backwards compatible with the 10-50 cassette (which they are still supplying too), so if you do the worst and smash up your derailleur, you can simply buy the new version. Unfortunately this doesn't work the other way around, and SRAM are not recommending using a previous generation rear mech with the new 10-52 cassette. You need to add the new rear mech to make that happen, so if you do have a Gold Eagle or Platinum spec Cotic which is a couple of years old and approaching a cassette replacement, might be worth trying to budget for the new rear mech and get the extra range.

Thankfully they're sticking with their proven XD driver so it all fits just fine. In fact, as these don't suffer from the current shortages of Shimano Microspline freehubs, a Cotic Gold Eagle build has HUNT wheels in the building waiting for it, so we can fulfil this much more quickly than our current Shimano lead times.

As well as the bigger cassette, there's an improved shifter paddle and a much, much classier finish on the cranks. We know we shouldn't be bothered by this stuff, but we are!

All these wider range cassette and new finish and rear mech options are also part of the updated X01 Eagle groupset featured on our Platinum builds, so if you have one on order, it will be getting the new wide range cassette. Although Cy has 'just' have the 10-50 setup, he is a massive fan of X01 Eagle. It's been solidly reliable for 2 years and only just needed to replace the cassette. Good kit.

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All in all it looks like another great option from SRAM. So, if you're not a Shimano fan, or our want an even wider gear range, or you just like the way it looks, get involved.

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