05/04/2022 - Cotic Bikes Sustainability


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Cotic have always tried to run an efficient, low environmental impact business. We love spending time outside, and I think that makes us cyclists more acutely aware of changes to climate, weather, and local conditions. It wasn't until recently that we realised that we actually do quite a lot, and we ought to tell people about it. Partly to hopefully lead by example, partly to draw a line in the sand and say "this is what we do, and we still need to do more".

To this end, we now have a Sustainability page which tells why and how Cotic do things, and invite you as our customers and people who like our brand to tell us if you think we can do more, and what that might be.

Learn more about Cotic and sustainability here

If this subject interests you as it applies to the wider bike industry (and it really should), then have a listen to this podcast. It's got a lot of points worth considering.