Cotic Bikes and Steel City Media present:
The Rise of Straightline...

Newton's Third Law:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Yin and Yang.
Ebb and Flow.

Three years ago Rocketman saved the trails and the riders. With a job well done, he hung up his cape and retired to take a job as a mild mannered trail advocate, for Ride Sheffield.

All was well, but just as the power of the orange Rocket brought calm, has the green Rocket now brought chaos? The yang, the ebb, the reaction....

Obsessed with getting to the end of the trail first, no flow or soul in the ride, the power of the Rocket has fallen into the wrong hands. Blowing out berms and cutting off corners. It knows only speed. It knows only straight. A dark power rises, but as desperate times approach, will our hero return?

What is the Rocket?

The Cotic Rocket275 is our latest trail/enduro bike, with 150mm travel and, predictably enough, 27.5" wheels. It uses a Reynolds 853 steel front end and our proprietary droplink suspension to bring grace, durability, clean lines and the fun and interactive feel that we build into all our bikes.

For full details head over to the Rocket product page

Who is Rocketman?

If you haven't seen the original Rocketman video, check it out now...

Who is Straightline?

Wait, you haven't just watched the new video..?!?

The Players:

Straightline - Chay Granby
Rocketman - James 'Swinny' Swinden
Stoked Guy - Richard Baybutt
News Anchor - John Horscroft
Trail Builder - Max