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21/08/2017 - Team's weekend results


King & Queen of The Hill - Innerleithen


So so stoked with these two this year. Chay was the overall winner in Vets & Swinny came 2nd overall in Seniors. Proper team - they train, travel, laugh and drink together. Well done dudes. Special mention to our Development Squad rider Wes Fife for coming 5th after a couple of pretty eventful stages. Nice one!

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18/08/2017 - Will Easey Result

Will Easey

rogate banger

Well done to Will Easey! Awesome result and great photos by James Cud and Muddy Shots

Racing round up - @will.easey smashing it again. Top work lad. #Repost @will.easey (@get_repost) ・・・ 7th in English champs, starting to feel the pace

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16/08/2017 - Ard Rock 2017

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Ard Rock 2017

Ard rock 2017

The lads absolutely smashed it as usual. Swinny was comfortably leading Masters and probably on for a podium in the overall when a mechanical on the final stage dropped him down the rankings. Frustrating, but we know the speed is there. Chay kept his unbroken run of Ard Rock podiums going with a solid 3rd in Vets. Rich bagged 14th in Masters on the Sprint and Sam 10th in Seniors. Pretty rapid chaps! Paul was inspired out of retirement - having not pinned on a number board for at least 10 years - and having never done an enduro before. He took a last minute entry to the Intro as well and went out on his Soul. He promptly when 17th overall and 7th fastest on the final stage! Well in. We don't just make fast full suspension bikes!

Ard Rock Ard Rock 2017 Chay Ard Rock 2017

Fastest Bike in UK Enduro…

15/08/2017 - Hannah's Ard Rock Report

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Hannah's Ard Rock Report

I'd wondered what I'd be writing in this report during my training. Would I be explaining how I'd not managed to complete it? Trying to justify that to myself, and to you? Or what I hoped for was to tell you I'd finished it! And I did! I finished! Here's all about my journey...

I met Cy at his house on the Friday, and we drove up to the beautiful Dales. I was very apprehensive. I'd never been to an event like it before, never mind racing in one. Cy put me at ease "You ride in the Peak District! You've got this.", I tried to keep that phrase in my head all weekend. As soon as we arrived I realised Ard Rock has the coolest vibe of anywhere... ever. It's so chilled out and everyone's there to have a great time. That helped my nerves a lot! The Cotic stand was so busy with people demoing bikes and interested in the brand and our display bikes. It was great to meet so many people and put faces to names I'd emailed. I loved being on the stand and it really set the tone for my race on Sunday.

Ard Rock

I'd won the entry to the race through Maxxis. My High Roller II Double Down tyres arrived a couple of weeks before which gave me time to get a few rides on them. I ride the Small Cotic Flare prototype and just before the event I got a SunRace 11-50 cassette and a nice new SLX drivetrain to make sure I could make it up the transitions. Swaledale is brutally steep! I was glad of the new cassette and drivetrain as it made a big difference.

Ard Rock

I woke early to our campsite on Sunday morning. I was camping with team riders Chay and Swinny. I felt positive but nervous. Chay woke up and was chatting to me about the race, helping me with my bike and bag and making me "more enduro", in his words. He then started getting himself ready. He raced on the Saturday and came 3rd. "You're not racing again are you?" "I'm going to come with you, it'll cure the hangover!". It was quite a celebratory evening after the race...

Ard rock 2017

It was a long ride to even get to stage 4, it took in stunning scenery which made it all the more bearable! Stage 4 was absolutely wild. I followed Chay down, the plan was to keep up with him and stay on his wheel! It was the steepest, rockiest trails I've ever ridden, so I put my trust in Chay and the bike and just kept going! I was completely buzzing at the end. Chay couldn't stop laughing at me and my huge grin.

On the transition to stage 5 we met some amazing people and got a nice little group going. They were all lovely people and thrilled to speak to Chay and ask him questions about the upcoming stages (everyone was very happy to learn stages 5 and 6 were less rowdy than stage 4!). Big shout out to that group - you know who you are! You kept me going!

Cotic Flare

Another long transition between Stage 4 and 5, it involved riding through a mud bog and pushing your bike up what I can only describe as a mountain. But Stage 5 was fun, it was far more smooth and fast! I was 8th fastest in my category on that stage. It then felt like it wasn't long before we were at the top of Stage 6, ready to be greeted by our friends at the bottom! I was so relieved to have finished and felt so proud I'd done it, and finished in one piece - no crashing! I wouldn't have made it round so smoothly or enjoyed it so much had Chay not been there with me every pedal and step of the way. The comradery was fantastic and I felt so proud of everyone we rode with, we all hugged and fist bumped at the bottom, it was brilliant. Huge thanks again to Chay for being a hero and everyone at Cotic for their help and support throughout!

If you've never been to Ard Rock, you really should! If you're unsure whether or not to race next year. If I can do it, you definitely can!

Ard Rock
Hannah at Ard Rock

09/08/2017 - Restrap Bags are Back

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custom restrap mtb luggage is back in stock

Our custom made MTB framebags from Restrap are back in stock again. We know there's plenty of you who have been waiting for these.

Order your Restrap x Cotic framebag by clicking here:


They're custom sized to fit perfectly in our mountain bike frames.

Order your Custom Restrap x Cotic Bag Today …

08/08/2017 - Eagle Has Landed

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Eagle GX Eagle GX Eagle GX

Cotic bikes are available with new Gold Eagle build option. Yes, we have finally got a deal with SRAM and we are offering both Eagle GX and Pike/Lyrics on the bikes from now on.

It's the full SRAM Eagle GX 12 speed drivetrain, including the cranks and X-Sync2 chainring. And here's the item everyone is talking about; that 10-50 cassette.

We're big fans of wider range cassettes. Cy and Paul have been using the One Up Components 45t on my XTR setup for a couple of years - before Shimano did their 11-46 cassette. Cy has also tried (and for a recent trip to Innerleithen, re-fitted) the One Up Shark 50t conversion for Shimano kit. He was very glad of the extra climbing range on the 5th day straight of riding up the Golfie trails!

This SRAM drivetrain should refine that even further with wider range due to the 10t bottom sprocket and 12 speeds minimising gaps between gears. We are also adding a 32t chainring to the Eagle GX drivetrain. Usually we spec 30t rings on our bikes to make sure there's plenty of climbing oomph, but even with the larger chainring the Gold Eagle bikes will have a slightly lower bottom gear than the Gold XT bikes with the 30/46, and a much higher top gear. Great for those smoother trails and road linking section.

We have stock right now, and the first couple of bikes with it fitted have already been built and shipped. Here's the full rundown of the RocketMAX Gold Eagle bike spec as an example (Forks and Hope wheels vary with bike and application):

The Gold Eagle bike is just 50 more than the regular Gold build bike based around the Deore XT drivetrain.

There are all the usual Plus wheel options for MAX bikes, and Hope brakes, Pike, Lyric, Fox, Cane Creek (27.5" only) fork or shock options and plenty more besides when you click the Go Custom button on your bike order.

You can order your Gold Eagle bike, or any Cotic bike, over on the Order Page of the website.

Order your Gold Eagle bike today…

03/08/2017 - The Future Is Now

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The Future Is Now -

Launching The Cotic Development Squad

Revs + Cotic Revs + Cotic

This week sees the official launch of the Cotic Development Squad. Cotic was 14 years old last month. By producing bikes for all that time, you'd be forgiven for thinking that we might have a foot well-entrenched in the past. Of course we have history, but the truth is our first product was the result of creating something for the future that wasn't available in the present. We're still constantly looking ahead to see how we can do things differently and (more importantly) better. The future is what we make it and at Cotic we work hard on that every day.

We have always tried to give back to the sport that has made us, wherever we can. 5 years ago I instigated a program of giving 0.5% of our turnover annually to local trail projects. That got the local pump track resurrected, funded 10% of the initial build of the first Lady Cannings crowd funded trail, and is now committed to helping the RADmires project which is the next trail to be build in Sheffield.

When we founded our Enduro Race Team in 2013, we supported some up and coming riders from the local scene. We volunteer with advocacy groups and dig days. The latest extension of this is our new Development Squad. We're super happy - and proud - to introduce our hopes for the future in Wes Fife and Will Easey. Only a couple of years older than the company itself, these two lads are starting out on their journey of racing, riding and living bikes; just as we have been lucky enough to do for most of our lives.

These lads are already blisteringly fast, so the Development Squad has been created to help them with the myriad things young racers need to know to survive the circuit. Our pro racers Chay (multiple podium Elite level Enduro racer, The Wheelie Master and aka Straightline) and Swinny (aka Rocketman and Reigning PMBA Enduro Champion) are on hand to share the kind of race advice only their experience can bring. Cotic are here for help with bikes, kit, everything else. Wes even came and did some work experience with us. We're helping any way we can. They might turn pro, they might decide the race-life isn't for them, they might retire at 20 to travel the world and live out of a van. Who knows? All we can say is that if these two are the future then it's going to be fun. Last week we took them all to Revolution Bike Park for a team building session, photo and video shoot and dog running competition! Be sure to check out the video and then go and get some dirt under your wheels.

Revs + Cotic

The Team and Development Squad all run the Rocket, and we have a new Team Page where all their photos, videos and blogs are pulled together in one place. There's a fair few podiums in there! If you'd like to follow the lads (Will produces his own ride videos amongst other things) check out @wesfife155 and @will.easey over on Instagram.

Follow the Team over on our Team Page…

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28/07/2017 - Cotic Grit and Steel Sheffield Riding Map Now a Poster

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Cotic Grit and Steel Sheffield Riding Map Now a Poster!


You might have seen earlier in the year that we commissioned a bespoke piece of art. We put a lot into our local scene, with our annual 0.5% of sales Trail Fund, as well as volunteering with Ride Sheffield. We love our City and our region, and we wanted to pay tribute to it. Our bikes are all about great design, so we had to put the same effort into any artwork we were going to commission and we loved the result. It was the Grit and Steel Map.

It lists all the amazing riding areas near us, and is something just plain cool to hang on the wall. We even did a bit of an art launch and exhibition for it. Get us!

The original prints were limited run, beautiful art Glicee prints, individually stamped and numbered on 315GSM paper. It's all in the details, as always! There's a bit of background over on the website. Have a read. We still have a few left if you'd like a piece of history:

Order Your Individual Map Print Here

However, this week we have just received our run of A1 poster versions. Still look amazing, if not quite as special as the original prints. These are just 15 posted. Available now:

Orders yours here: Grit and Steel Map Posters

Order your Grit and Steel Map Poster or Print today…

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