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07/06/2018 - Team Update

Many more evenings like this please.. stunning laps in the Peak District at the moment : #thegrindofaparttimesemipro @coticbikes #coticbikes #unsustainablyhighstoke #gritandsteel @canecreekusa #canecreek #HELMyeah @wildernesstrailbikes #wildernesstrailbikes #ridewtb @burgtec #burgtec #flatpedalthunder @ridejoystick #ridejoystick @polarisbikewear #polarisbikewear #rideoftenridefar @biketrack1 #biketrack @wildtrailsnacks #wildtrail @kingudproducts #kingud #keepitclean @hktproducts #hktproducts #hktmovement @allmountainstyle #allmountainstyle @peatysproducts #peatysproducts

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Our amazing team riders Chay and Swinny are enjoying the dusty trails and race prepping. Here's a life update from Swinny...

To say it's June already is pretty crazy! The year has flown by for good and bad reasons.

In mid March, a week after my 31st Birthday I fell into an illness that lasted a good couple of months. A combination of things caused this sudden illness, resulting in a drop in health... I won't bore you with the details! But in this time I lost a good 7kgs in body weights and was generally run down, and this is usually the time of year where I'm racking up the kilometers up on the bike. Whether that's road, hardtail or full bouncer it's the time of year I really enjoy getting out on the bike as the daylight hours improve, and it proves so beneficial to get out now to get an amazing summer's riding. Usually, as the weather improves, so does the riding fitness. Not this year, though.

I missed the first race of the year, Vallelujah. I had no energy or drive to get back on the bike. My workplace have been incredibly supportive throughout the whole saga and I can't thank them enough for helping me through it all. Enough of the sob story, let's move on...

I've started up my YouTube channel again, search for James Swinden! Hit follow. I'll be trying to keep an online diary of my year as it unfolds. Unfortunately I lost my camera at Steel City DH! No one was kind enough to hand it in so whoever has it, karma will get you! Clearly mine with the content on it.

It's aiming to be another shameless vlog. I enjoy watching vlogs, I get hooked! (Watch Will Smith's, it's great). As I lost my camera, I've been unable to finish off a few of these, however, there are a few coming so stay tuned as there's stuff like a return to DH Racing and carrying a big ass log in the snow up a hill.

Swinny's 2018 Rocket

So what else is new... I've joined a gym for the first time in my life... After illness and realising I needed to get back to fitness and build my strength back up, I joined a lad from work who mentioned there's this gym around the corner from work when I fancy a quick workout. There's some big buggers there so it's exciting to train. I'm usually reluctant to train with others, but I'm enjoying this.

So, I minced around the gym for a bit, trying out the machines and free weights then got chatting to the owner, Jon Clark, who I instantly clicked with. We chatted bikes and training and he put together a program for me. I'm now a proud member of Evolution Gym in Halfway, Sheffield. Cheers Jon!

As I said earlier, racking up the KMs are important this time of year as there's a huge number of races coming up. Nationals up at Tweedlove, EWS in Italy and all the others in between. Not really wanting to pedal isn't ideal training conditions, but with the sun shining it's been easier to get back into the swing of things. Plus the dog needs to stretch his legs too!

swinny at Boltby

Cane Creek are supporting the team with suspension this year, so I've spent a bit of time getting to know how it works and understanding it. I've never been a fan of air shocks for some reason, but thankfully Cane Creeks Air IL has been a breath of fresh air. Supple yet supportive, it's been so easy to set up using Cane Creek's Dialled app. A series of simple questions, answered by your own feel on the trail ten a suggestion on what corrections to make...simple but proved very effective.

I've been toying between the Air Inline and the Coil Inline and love both for different reasons. I think depending on the trail I could tailor each shock to suit, but I would be happy to run either regardless of the terrain. So a huge thanks to Cane Creek for their support this year! Really enjoying using your suspension.

A huge thanks to our continued support from our sponsors, it's so important to us. Cheers to all, here's to a great year getting fitter, riding and racing.

Dog was like : stop dickin about and come on. #cliff #dogwalking #lab #labradorretriever #labsofinstagram @coticbikes #everyoneelse #hashtag #fridaynight 📷 @han88nah

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Check out the 2018 Rocket…

Swinny's YouTube channel …

07/06/2018 - Guy Kes TV Rocket Review

Guy Kesteven has done one of his inimitable Guy Kes TV reviews of the new Rocket Longshot. He 'quite' liked it. Give a watch and make sure you subscribe. He's proper fun.

Read more about the Rocket Longshot…

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06/06/2018 - New T-shirts

New summer t-shirts are here!

blue tshirtblue tshirtgrey tshirtgrey tshirt



Time to chill in style... grab a tee!

As well as these fantastic new t-shirts, we also have jerseys, socks, and more clothing in stock... pop over to the merch page to see these, and all our other useful and decorative goodies (XL mudguards, map art prints and posters etc).

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04/06/2018 - Off Road CC Test Rocket

Rachael's Rocket

"We took a very first look at the new Cotic Rocket back in February 2018 and right away we knew we had to get one in for test. Its longer and slacker than previous iterations, sporting Cotic's Longshot Geometry and a suitable low seat tube height too. Our Rachael thought it'd be an ideal long-termer, allowing her to get the reach she'd like without a lofty seat tube. We introduced the bike a couple of weeks ago when Rachael covered it in Invisiframe prior to building.

Longshot geometry Cotic says "brings a new balance, speed and capability to the Rocket". Frames have been made longer to be matched with a short stem (30mm-50mm) which combined with a slacker head angle should create a stable bike that's a hoot when things get steep and rough. It's nice to see 437mm chainstays in play too helping balance out the front to rear weight balance as the frame gets longer..."

To read more follow the link below.

Read more about Off Road CC's Test Rocket here…

30/05/2018 - Cy's Wise Words

Cy's Wise Words

Cy speaks to Wide Open for their Wise Words interview.

"This weeks Wise Words is the mastermind behind British steel phenomenon, Cotic Bikes, Mr. Cy Turner.

Cy Turner is the man whos created a brand that bleeds Sheffield and sweats British in its own unique way. Cotic have shown their longevity through keeping a lineage, being true to their values and getting involved in a very active local scene. Its no mean feat keeping a legion of fans for over a decade, and its mostly thanks to Cys work."

Grab a cuppa and have a read of the interview, the link is below.

Cotic Sheffield owners ride

Read Cy's interview here…

29/05/2018 - BoltbyBashEnduro

Boltby Bash

A post shared by Moose (@chaymoose) on

What a weekend at the Boltby Bash Enduro! Cy, Chay, Swinny and Wes headed over to race at the Boltby Bash. Great friends, loads of riding, the sun shone and the trails delivered.

Once again Cotic dominated the podiums! Swinny got 2nd place in masters and Wes got 2nd in his category. Chay was top of the podium in 1st, a brilliant result and we're so pleased. What a great weekend.

Ruddy good weekend with mates @boltbybashenduro

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swinny at Boltby

Get your Enduro winning Rocket here…

Demo a Cotic…

29/05/2018 - Tricky Moore 1st on his BFe

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Moore 1st place

Hardtail rider Richard (AKA 'Tricky') Moore raced at the MIJ Conquer the Cliff DH race in Aberystwyth this weekend. He and his BFe got onto the top spot again for the second time in a row.

He's loving his BFe and is so impressed with its stability, grip and speed.

Well done to Tricky, looking forward to seeing more from him over his upcoming races. Next stop, Malverns!

Moore 1st place

Speaking of the Malverns, we'll be heading there with our demo fleet. It's set to be an amazing weekend full of demos, racing of all levels, camping, live music and a retail village. It's set to be the Glastonbury of mountain biking!

Malverns Classic

Check out the BFe…

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21/05/2018 - Singletrack first look: SolarisMAX

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Cy shows Chipps the new SolarisMAX

Chipps on a Cosmic Black SolarisMAX

On Friday, Singletrack published their useful first impressions of our brand new SolarisMAX... including a nice chatty video with Cy...

Go and watch the video on the Singletrack website…

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