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05/12/2018 - only two of these

Dark Metal Magenta?

As part of our ongoing search for amazing looking colours and graphics for you, we get paint test frames in from time to time. In this case, we tried out the magenta decals from the blue/magenta FlareMAX from batch 1 (of which there are a few still available at a massive 300 discount), and we teamed them up with the Dark Metal which we wanted to see ahead of the upcoming batch. Here's the result.

Dark Metal & Magenta
Dark Metal & MagentaDark Metal & Magenta

For production we went for the orange decals which have proved so popular on the SolarisMAX, so these two large frames we have will be the only two Dark Metal/Magenta frames in the world. Pretty cool?

They're available to order now via the Order Pages. Frame or full bike, we build your bike for you. How amazing would this look with full Hope purple kit?

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04/12/2018 - Frame Bags

Which frame bag fits which bike?

With Christmas approaching, we're being asked which of our custom frame bags fit which of our bikes, past and present. So... here we go...!

Non-longshot frame bag plus L & XL longshot framesLongshot frame bag for XS, S & M framesLife bike frame bag


We strongly recommend frame protection (electrical tape, bar tape, All Mountain Style stickers) to avoid any paint loss under the straps. We are getting in some AMS honeycomb XL clear frame guard sets... you can pre-order a set of these with your frame bag.

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Rich showed Singletrack what he carries in his bag…

30/11/2018 - RocketMAX update



If you missed the launch information from last month, the RocketMAX is our 29er Enduro bike. Decked out with 150mm of rear travel on our proven droplink suspension platform, and designed around the latest 160mm 29er forks. It's capable of carrying speed through lines you've battled to get through before, and will do so with composure and ease, leaving a big grin on your face. You like steep and techincal? There is pretty much nothing you can't ride down on a RocketMAX. The incredible stability of the long front centre, coupled with the pinpoint precision of the short stem will bring you swaggering confidence, regardless of the gradient.

It's not all about racing down the hills though; this bike climbs too. More rubber on the ground and bags of support from our progressive droplink suspension help the RocketMAX skip up the most demanding climbs. We design and develop all our bikes in the Peak District, and our team race everywhere from local British races to Enduro World Series, so we know a thing or two about tough, technical climbs and long days in the saddle!

Five Land Build

Our friends at Five Land Bikes in Scotland are building us the front ends, we're expecting the next batch of them to land this week with us here. All options are available to order now and we will keep you updated on when you can expect your RocketMAX frame.

Five Land Build

The new RocketMAX…

23/11/2018 - New colour for SolarisMAX

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Red Dwarf

The SolarisMAX frames are finally in the building, and there is a big pile of frame boxes waiting to go on the courier vans today and Monday. This does also mean that we have Actual Real Life frames in the brand new Red Dwarf colour. I know a lot of you have been waiting to see this.....


It is really is that red! Such a great colour. As soon as the first bike is built we will shoot that and let you see those pictures as well. The small green demo bike will also be up for sale as we will be building this frame into the new small demo bike.


And in case you are wondering why the signature wishbone is missing from the rear end, it's because this is the small frame. As we made the frames more compact with Longshot geometry, on the smallest frames there simply isn't space for a wishbone. The medium, large and XL SolarisMAX frames are all wishbone rear ends though. It doesn't make any performance difference, I just like how the wishbone looks if it will fit.

If you're wondering why Red Dwarf for the name, partly it's in keeping with the stellar theme of our other SolarisMAX models; Dark Metal and Cosmic Black. It's also because a few of us here - myself very much included - are old enough to remember this with great affection.

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22/11/2018 - SolarisMAX restock

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SolarisMAX is BACK

Solaris Max Solaris MAX Singletrack award winner 2018. Cotic SolarisMAX

Our award winning SolarisMAX is back in stock this week. We are hugely pre-sold on these, but most size and colour options are still available from the shipment, so if you are keen on one of these hardtail shreadders, order yours now!

The Dark Metal and Cosmic Black colours are back, with green being replaced by Red Dwarf. Full pics of Red Dwarf next week when we have them, but if you like the green, the last couple of small green frames are available for just 549, saving 100.

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20/11/2018 - LOVE Autumn

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We made a video during a quick little lunchtime breakout last week, where we all grabbed a hardtail out of the demo fleet and went for a play in the woods. It was properly beautiful, absolutely the best Autumn can offer, and doing skids in leaves is always fun! Have a watch, it will make you smile.




16/11/2018 - BFe in Champagne

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BFe news! We have fully restocked the Longshot BFe... and it's selling fast. There are a few little extras with this batch... first up we have introduced a new XS (eXtra Small) size for all those asking for one. Also, we have a new colour option...

Champagne! Doesn't it look amazing? Lovely orange pinstripe details, metallic finish. Nice!

Head to the product page for more information…

Check out the geometry of the new XS BFe…

16/11/2018 - BFe night shred edit

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Don't give up... the changing trail conditions, and failing light, just mean new kinds of fun. Grab some lights, grab your hardtails... let's go!


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