27/10/2017 - Free Cane Creek Shock on Droplink Bikes

Free Cane Creek DB Air IL

From today we are offering free Cane Creek DB Air IL upgrades on the droplink frames and bikes.

We are a bit short of X Fusion shocks for a few weeks so we thought to plug the gap we would offer a free upgrade to X Fusion frame only, and Silver build customers, and spread the love to the rest of the bike range with an equivalent cost saving.

The shock is just fantastic, and is the suspension of choice on Cy's RocketMAX, Sam's Rocket and Paul's Flare. Super tuneable, plenty of support, light, looks great.

Rocket Max Fast Red with Cane Creek DB Air IL Shock

So here's the deal - if you buy a droplink frame, you get a free upgrade to the Cane Creek DB Air IL shock from the X Fusion option. So that's 1499 for the frame with the free shock upgrade, saving you 300.

If you order a Silver build bike, they start at 2699 with the X Fusion shock. Now you get a free Cane Creek DB Air IL upgrade saving 300.

I think you're probably seeing a pattern emerging here!

Everything else in stock, so order yours and get it by the end of next week:

Click Here to order your droplink bike with free Cane Creek DB Air IL

On the Gold and Platinum spec bikes which already feature the DB Air IL in the spec, we are knocking 300 off the price, so a Gold build starts at just 3349. Maybe put the saving towards a fork upgrade? 300 covers you for Pikes on Flare, FlareMAX and Rocket, and a Lyric on the RocketMAX (at the newly approved 160mm fork travel). Or just another 50 gets you onto the awesome Cane Creek HELM on the Flare or Rocket (with newly approved 170mm option there).

0% Finance is available with this offer if you need to spread the payments out.

Flare 27.5

Flare looking great with a Cane Creek DB Air IL Shock and Gold Build

Rocket 2017 build

DB Air IL on the Rocket

FlareMAX Looking Well

If you're at all concerned about all the dials, don't be. We have loads of experience with the shock, and it comes ready set with the Cotic base tune to work from. We supply the Cane Creek tuning guide (which is great) and that's supported by their Dialed app, plus there's loads of advice and a blank setting sheet for you to use in your Cotic droplink user manual from us. And if you just want to chat to someone about it, then we're always here for product support. You know we are!

Hope you like this little offer. Click on the links below to get involved and order your bike.

Order your RocketMAX with FREE DB Air IL…

Order your FlareMAX with FREE DB Air IL…

Order your Rocket with FREE DB Air IL…

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