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26/09/2019 - Last Ever SodaMAX - No more after this

SodaMAX - Going, Going, Gone!

We are down to our last handful of SodaMAX 2019 Limited Edition frames, and we have decided that this is it, we will not be doing any more SodaMAX. So, if you want some titanium hardtail uber radness in your life, this is your last chance. We are done. Finito. Basta.


SodaMAX is based on our spectacularly popular and award winning SolarisMAX, with the new titanium frame taking all the fantastic attributes of it's steel sibling and adding a big chunk of weight loss, a subtle and lively ride feel and beautiful bare metal finishes.


There are just 5 left as of today

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23/09/2019 - Fork Offset - Does It Matter?

Fork Offset - Does It Matter?

HELM29 forks with 51mm offset aboard a Cotic RocketMAX

Cy explains his views on forks offsets after much testing....

Given some of the chatter that other brands have been pushing recently I've had quite a few emails asking about what fork offset works best and what my thoughts are.

My take on fork offsets is that it's a personal preference, and the marketing budgets of other brands are making it a bigger thing that it actually is.

I have tried the RocketMAX with all the available 29er offsets: 42mm (short, on Lyrics), 46mm (X Fusion Trace 36 and McQueen) and 51mm (my current Cane Creek HELM29) and they all handle great. Slightly differently, but good.

With my preferred bar width of 770mm across the grips I do prefer the slightly shorter offset, although I'll be honest I couldn't tell the difference between 42mm and 46mm. I have to use 785mm bars to get a similarly calm feel on the 51mm offset as it's more lively around the straight ahead position. The slightly more linear rate of response of the shorter offset works a little better with the narrower bar width.

Remember though, this is real Princess-and-the-pea stuff. It's my job to be sensitive to these things. I'd be very surprised if anyone getting any of the Cotic 29ers was anything other than really stoked on the handling so long as they had a fork they liked, set up nicely, it will be all good.

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16/09/2019 - Easy Ways Onto A New Cotic

Easy Way Onto A New Cotic

SodaMAX Ti Loveliness

0% Finance

Unlike a lot of the other brands who sell direct, if you are in the UK we offer 0% Finance. For the last couple of years you have been able to get up to 24 months interest free to get you onto a new Cotic.

We have a finance calculator (click here to have a play) if you want to have a play with options, but for instance, a RocketMAX Gold build bike would be £837 deposit, £138 per month for 24 months.

Our Singletrack Award Nominated Flare frame with Cane Creek shock would be as little as £415 down, £66 per month for the same 24 months. You can get your monthlies down even further if you have a larger deposit too. It's all flexible.

Escapade Gold 1x

Cycle 2 Work

We have been offering Cyclescheme and Green Commute Initiative options for the UK's salary sacrifice option for a few years as well. The bike news this year is that they have lifted the £1000 cap and allowed 'top ups' where you can pay a bit of your own money for some extras if you have it. That means that rather than being restricted to buying a frame via the scheme, you can now buy complete bikes. We have already had a SolarisMAX Gold build go on Green Commute Initiative.

If they aren't already, you need to get your employer on board with either of these schemes, and then apply for a voucher. Once you have that code your can order your Cotic and send us the details. Simple as that!

FlareMAX 132

New Offer - Up to 3 Years 0% on Selected Models

Until the end of October, we are offering 3 Years Interest Free Finance on the SodaMAX, FlareMAX and Rocket model lines.

This is for frames and bikes, so you could get yourself on our 2019 Limited Edition SodaMAX ti hardtail frame for £377 deposit and just £39.50 per month. That is a lot of shiny Ti goodness for very small monthly outgoings.

Or if you want some droplink suspension action, a FlareMAX 120 or 132

, or a Rocket frame, are just £363 deposit and £38.50 per month with the Cane Creek DB Air IL shock.

The Rocket even comes in classic Cotic Orange, and everybody know Too Much Orange Is Only Just Enough.


Remember we have been consistent on all our components sizes with our bikes: Same headset, same BB, same seatpost size. So, if you have one of our earlier droplink bikes, or a hardtail, you could frame swap onto one of our brilliant Longshot geometry bikes very easily and get that new bike feeling.

The only change was moving to Boost from 142 on the 27.5" bikes, and we have Hope Boost conversions in stock. We have got you covered. If you send it your current headset we will even fit it for you. Just pop a note on the order.

To order on Finance, simply tick the box and the bottom of the form, choose your time period and click PLACE PROVISIONAL ORDER. We will then make sure everything is sorted with your order and setup your application. We like to keep an Actual Person involved in the process, which is why it might take a few hours or the next day before your finance application email comes through.

Hopefully that's got you thinking about your next frame or bike. Give us a shout if you have any questions about the finance or the bikes. We're always pleased to hear from you. Drop us a line any time.

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11/09/2019 - The new Cotic BFe

Cotic BFe 2020

BFe 2020

It feels crazy to think that just 2 years ago the BFe established the blueprint for our Longshot geometry revolution, but it's true. Fast forward to today and Longshot has been rolled out across the range, establishing Cotic as some of the best handling bikes around. Learning from the constant development of our droplink full suspension bikes and our award winning SolarisMAX, we've made a few key tweaks to the Bfe; our genre defying, 27.5", do-it-all hardtail.

The new BFe applies our latest geometry developments, bringing in revised angles and better bike fit. The steeper seat angle puts you in a more effective, central place on the bike; making climbing even easier. We've slackened the head angle by a degree to match this, giving you more confidence than ever on those critical steep trails and fast corners. Optimised around a 140mm fork but can be ridden raced & rallied with anything between 120mm and 160mm. Paired with a 35m stem and low standover from the dropped top tube; this bike handles sharply, and loves to get airborne. Due to popular demand, we've also added an XL size for the first time in the BFe's life.

BFe 2020

Wheel standards are finally calming down and most people are calling for Boost rear spacing to future-proof their purchase. Combined with our Super Clearance stays for the latest generation of 2.6" tyres and you are set for years of fun. From razzing round the BMX track, racing enduros and tearing up trail centres, there's nothing the BFe can't do. Crabapple hits? Done. Podium top steps? Also done.

Frames are £549, and Silver build bikes start from £1799. They are available worldwide with free shipping on frames and bikes throughout western and central Europe, and subsidised shipping to the rest of the world.

BFe 2020

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03/09/2019 - South Lakes Bike Festival

Bikes, beer and rain

It wouldn't be the Lakes without all 3


Demo team Sam and Darren spent last weekend at the South Lakes Bike Festival, and despite some pretty Cumbrian weather, had a great time. This laid back and super fun event felt like a breath of fresh air, no racing, no pressure, just sociable riding and a lovely friendly atmosphere; not to mention a party! We took the demo van to the SLBF where plenty of riders took the opportunity to shred some classic Lake District riding on a new Cotic. Some all day rides, some quick hour long laps and grins all round. Longshot geometry really does let you get away with murder on the technical trails surrounding the Kentmere Valley and beyond.


On the Friday night, local pub the Eagle and Child in Staveley had put on a charity ride to coincide with the festival, so after setting the stand up we rolled down the road to join in with that. I'm not sure how many were in the group, but it was a lot! A challenging climb followed by a screaming descent into Kentmere and we were greeted with a half way point booze stop! We settled for a beer and a bit of cake, leaving the Jagerbombs on this occasion! We needed lights for the last descent, known as Three Rivers, which made flying through the bracken on the fast narrow singletrack feel amazing, like being in a video game. Back to the pub at the end for a delicious Curry and a pint. Plenty of demo riders on the Saturday taking bikes on the various group rides, then a fun evening of local beer and live music, followed by more demos on the Sunday. It's a really nice weekend, and one you should definitely consider for next year. There's plenty to do for all the family and all skill levels. We need more events like this, organised just for the sheer fun of it by good people, we'll definitely be back.

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27/08/2019 - SolarisMAX Back In Stock

SolarisMAX is BACK

now with British Racing Green

Solaris MAX BRG
Solaris Max British Racing GreenSingletrack award winner 2018. Cotic SolarisMAXSolaris MAX Red Dwarf
Solaris MAX

Our award winning SolarisMAX is back in stock this week. We are hugely pre-sold on these, but most size and colour options are still available from the shipment, so if you are keen on one of these hardtail shredders, order yours now!

Cosmic Black and Red Dwarf colours are back, with Dark Metal replaced by classy British Racing Green. Full gallery of all the colours over on the product page.

The last couple of small Dark Metal frames are available for just £549, saving £100.

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20/08/2019 - Cotic CC Ride Surrey Hills

Cotic CC

Sam in Surrey

Last Sunday we ran a Cotic CC social ride in the Surrey Hills. I was in the area doing a demo day on the Saturday, and we hadn't done an owners ride down south for quite a long time, so it seemed a perfect opportunity.

Cotic CC20190818_121439Cotic CCCotic CC

Despite the fairly late notice, we had 13 Cotic riders including team racer Will Easey for a great ride. All set up and ready to roll, and the heavens opened! A warm up lap of Barry Knows Best had a certain 'Pacific North West' feel to it, with the rain falling through tall pine trees on the lush green bracken. After a steep and soggy climb and another trail or two, the sun eventually came out and jackets were stashed.

Cotic CC

Plenty of the riders who came had never experienced Surrey's plethora of excellent trails before, big thanks go to Dan from Hunt Wheels, who came along on his Flare and took us to trails I would never have found. It was a muddy one, but the trails still rode fast with plenty of grip. There was a great mix of bikes in the group from Souls to RocketMAXs, including a lovely SodaMAX dripping in Hope bling. We've got plenty in the pipeline for Cotic CC events, keep an eye on the mailing list to be the first to hear the latest news.

Cotic CC

Meanwhile James Swinden AKA Swinny AKA Rocketman and co-team rider Wes Fife were out racing in Innerleithen. Despite injuries, crashes, tight transfers and the relentless Scottish climbs both boys got stuck in and came in the Top 10, they quite rightly came away smiling. Well done lads! Here are their race photos...

Swinny at Inners

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13/08/2019 - Is Mixed Wheel Size The Future?

Is Mixed Wheel Size The Future?

Cy Writes.....

You might have heard much talk on the race scene and beyond this year about mixed wheel sizes; so-called mullet bikes. Business up front, party out back? 29" front wheels, 27.5" rear wheels. As usual, there has been a lot of hot air, a lot informed and not-so-informed chatter, hand waving and general pontificating.

As it's my job to get involved with new trends and see if they might result in better bikes, I ran a 27.5 x 2.6" tyre on the back of my RocketMAX earlier in the year for a few weeks. I didn't really notice much difference. It wasn't some big break through, but it wasn't awful either. Actually, I tell a lie: When I just put a 27.5" rear wheel in the bike, it was fairly awful, but nothing to do with smaller rear wheels being a bad idea in general, just for my bike. The 27.5" rear wheel dropped the BB about 10mm from an already low position and slackened the already very slack (63.5 deg as standard) RocketMAX head angle into the 62's. As I have mentioned before, we got to where we are with Longshot geometry because I went even slacker than we currently offer on our bikes, and found it was making the handling worse again. I talk about this in the first Downtime Podcast I did all about the Longshot Geometry development. The short story is, we went too far, too slack, too low, then came back to an optimum for production. The smaller rear wheel pushed the geometry back into 'too far' again. After a bit of geometry tweaking to get the angles and BB height back where I wanted them, the bike worked great, but as I said, it wasn't some massive difference or revelation.

Rocket with different sized front wheels

After this testing I got talking to Chris at Downtime Podcast about what I had found, and he put forward a point about it possibly suiting shorter riders better than me. I like 29" wheels, and at 6ft 3in there are pretty much no drawbacks to running them. Chris at 5ft 8in on his FlareMAX 132 found he sometimes caught his rear wheel on his shorts in steep terrain and it was certainly something he considered when moving around on the bike, and maybe a 27.5" rear wheel would suit better? As I had a rear wheel all ready to go thanks to our friends at HUNT giving me an Enduro Wide 27.5 to use, along with a big WTB 27.5 x 2.6 Trail Boss, I sent it over. As the FlareMAX isn't quite as the extremes of angles as the RocketMAX (it has a 65 deg head angle), Chris found he could quite happily drop the 27.5" rear wheel into his bike with no adverse effects or need for hardware changes to make it work right. In the end I think it was just a slightly tweak to shock and fork pressures and that was it.

We then got together with a stop watch and a couple of different bikes to get some data, and then we had a chat about it. Grab a coffee and see what we thought. Are they the future? Listen and find out.....

Listen to Cy's Longshot podcast here…

07/08/2019 - Announcing our FlareMAX 132 Pack frameset and complete bikes

new FlareMAX 132 Pack

more travel

You've all heard how versatile the Longshot FlareMAX is and how it carries speed over rocky terrain like a bike with much more travel.

Well, we thought what would it be like if it had more travel?

The answer is... even better!

By increasing the stroke on the rear shock to 50mm we've brought the rear wheel travel up to 132mm, and given it an extra dose of speed without sacrificing any agility on singletrack or climbs. As the shock length is unchanged form the standard FlareMAX the static geometry is unaltered so there are no downsides.

FlareMAX 132

Our 132 Pack is available as a frame and shock, and in multiple levels of complete bike build... from Silver up to Platinum.

We have two Cane Creek shocks available to take your FlareMAX up to 132mm rear travel, the DB AirIL, which is a no cost option on the complete bike builds, or the DB Air CS Piggyback which is a £200 upgrade available when customising the builds.

With this extra travel and speed you'll be wanting a front end set up on your bike to inspire confidence, so we've fitted our 132 Pack builds with the super stiff, super tuneable X Fusion Trace 36 HLR fork with 140mm of travel. The Cane Creek Helm Air is also available with 140mm of travel for just £150 extra when customising your build.


"132" decal is removable, and we'll supply spares in multiple colours


complete bike builds use the stout, controllable Trace36 HLR at 140mm travel, or upgrade to Helm


the DB Air CS Piggyback shock is available as an upgrade over the DB AirIL

The 132 Pack is available now with frame and shock starting from £1749, and complete bikes starting with the Silver 132 build at £3249.

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02/08/2019 - Cotic Women of Steel Ride Out

Cotic's Women of Steel is a group encouraging more women to get out riding bikes and meeting other like-minded women. We're hoping to get more women out on the trails and share the joy of cycling.

For this Ride Out we went out to Sherwood Pines, a place that some women in the group rode weekly, and some of us had never been. It seemed like the perfect place to meet up and be showed around.

Cotic Women of Steel ride out Sherwood Pines

We've had some terrible weather recently (especially those in North Yorkshire! Poor Ard Rock), so a few women opted to miss out on this ride, completely understandably... I wondered whether or not to pack my snorkel. It was great to see familiar faces and a new one join us as we got ourselves ready to hit the red trail.

Women of Steel at Sherwood Pines

Dodging the puddles we wove our way through the trails - quickly accepting that we were going to have soggy feet and get very muddy! We visited the DH track and encouraged each other to start at the top of the start ramp, quite a daunting thing when you haven't been on one before. We all did it and got a real buzz! We had a great time and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Cotic Women of Steel ride out Sherwood Pines

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02/08/2019 - Cotic CC Bolehills

Cotic CC

BMX track razzing

Cotic CC at Bolehills

For July's Cotic CC event we headed to the legendary (and we don't use that word lightly) Bolehills BMX track. First built in 1983, it has nurtured and refined the skills of thousands of cyclists over the last 35 years. Going through many phases of regeneration, the latest crew, headed up by our own Dave Camus, have created a masterpiece of flow. Gareth A Line uses the track to teach fundamentals, and riders travel from all over the country to surf the white waves.

Cotic CC at Bolehills

The rain put off a fair few but with the Cotic Women Of Steel session running at the same time, we had a couple of die-hards turn up. The WoS aren't made of sugar!

Cotic CC at BolehillsCotic CC at Bolehills

Progressing quickly from the pump track to the main track, there were smiles all round as the first-timers begun to unlock the magic secrets of "the pump".

Cotic CC at Bolehills
Cotic CC at Bolehills
Cotic CC at Bolehills

Even Baybutt, part time mechanic Antti, new demo guide Darren and Hannah (THE Woman of Steel) got involved.

Cotic CC at BolehillsCotic CC at BolehillsCotic CC at BolehillsCotic CC at Bolehills

Want to see the majestic Bolehills for yourself? Of course you do! Track info is here
Keep your eyes on the newsletter for the next Cotic CC event - you can sign up HERE if you're not already on it. We'll see you at the next one.

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31/07/2019 - Ardrock 2019 cancelled

After the awful news about the floods up in Swaledale, Ard Rock is understandably cancelled this weekend because of the dangerous conditions and the clean up that will be required. Our thoughts go out to all the people of this wonderful area, and we will be back whenever they are ready for us.

22/07/2019 - Hope EVO Cranks Now Available on Cotic Bikes

Hope EVO Cranks Now Available

Hope have recently updated their cranks, and we rather like the look of them. The usual Hope made-in-the-UK goodness, in all the colours. We have added them at a £100 upcharge option on the Gold XT spec bikes, in your choice of colour. Given that the Gold XT bike comes with Hope headset and seatclamp, and the no cost option of Hope wheels, you can really get your colour coordination on with some of these cranks.

(Sorry, due to warranty reasons we can't offer them with SRAM)

Order your Gold XT Cotic Bikes with Hope EVO Cranks here…

17/07/2019 - Recall on RocketMAX Longshot Large and XL Sized Frames

RocketMAX Recall and Repair

Official Statement - 17th July 2019

It has come to light recently that there is a fatigue life problem with the large and XL size RocketMAX introduced in November 2018. As a result, Cotic is issuing a recall on all large and XL RocketMAX frames produced since the start of the production run. The safety of our owners is of utmost important to us, and therefore we had to issue the recall.

We have now had 3 fatigue failures of high mileage frames where the rider as done nothing but ride their bike a lot. No massive jumps, nothing ridiculous, these frames have just been ridden a lot, and have failed at the seat tube/BB weld. This is where the lab test frames fail at very high cycles on the fatigue test, having well exceeded the legal and our company requirements. Whilst three might not seem many in the context of a production run, these are the kind of failures that should only happen years and years into the life of a bike, if at all. For this many to have manifested in a matter of months means something is not right, and therefore we had to act.

The frame design (in XL size) went through the entire suit of ISO4210 tests (you might know them better at CEN tests, the name when it was a European, rather than International Standard), through other tests I devised which go well above and beyond ISO testing, and then went back on the rig with the horizontal ISO load case and did nearly the entire test again before failing – therefore demonstrating nearly double the fatigue life of the legal requirements. This same tubeset has been in production for 18 months on the Rocket with just a single failure in several hundred frames sold. The same down tube has been in use throughout the droplink range since it's re-introduction in 2015. The frames went into production based on these facts backed up with years of ride testing prototypes using a similar tubeset.

My conclusion is that these frames, in large and XL sizes, are longer than anything else we have yet produced using this tubeset. Despite exceeding all requirements both I and the law have for them, the down tube bending due to shock loading in regular riding conditions experienced by these fast, radical bikes, is slightly overstressing the BB/seat tube weld and reducing the fatigue life. We have had no similar issue on small and medium frames, and these have tubes sizes and lengths within the spectrum of other bikes in the range with good service records, with fatigue stresses below that of the larger frames, so they are not subject to recall.

If you have a small or medium RocketMAX from the current model year, or any 1st generation frame (green or fast red from 2016-18) these are completely fine, and sales of current model year frames continue on these sizes unaffected by the Recall and Repair.

To fix the situation, we are adding two small gusset plates either side of this joint, which stress analysis shows reduces the stress in the weld by 20%. Because of the way fatigue life works, just a small reduction in stress massively increases the fatigue life. To give you a feel for this, a 20% reduction in stress in the XL RocketMAX down tube brings the stress down to roughly the same as experienced by the medium sized original Rocket 275, which experienced no failures of this nature at all to my knowledge.

This isn't a recall and replace. This is a wasteful practice – which the bike industry is very guilty of perpetrating. It is highly likely the large and XL frames haven't cracked, but we don't want to wait for this to happen and end up with a scrap frame, and potentially riders hurt. We want to fix this. Because we are working with Five Land on this, we are doing a Recall and Repair. No scrapping of otherwise perfectly good frames. No needless use of the worlds resources. One of the joys of using steel, and manufacturing in the UK.

If you are interested in a large or XL RocketMAX, we will be back in full production at the end of September

If you have any questions regarding this issue, email me personally on

Cy Turner

Founder and Director

Cotic Bikes

05/07/2019 - Cotic Demo Days

Cotic Demo Days

Cotic Calver Demo Day

Last weekend's demo from Cotic's HQ in the Peak District was a hot one! Saturday 6th July we'll be at the brilliant Hamsterley Forest for an open demo day. There will be three group demo rides from the Grove Car Park, each lasting between an hour and 90 minutes. Rides leave the car park at 10:30, 12:30 and 14:30. To book on any of these please call 07398 189114 and let us know which bikes and sizes you're interested in. The route will be on red grade trails at a sociable pace.

Cotic Calver Demo Day

New demo guy Darren will be bringing the demo van to Thetford Forest on Saturday 13th July. He'll be running 3 group demo rides from the Thetford Warren Lodge car park, at 10:30, 12:30 and 14:30. If you'd like to book onto this demo get in touch in the usual way; or 07398 189114. This will be Darren's first solo demo on the road, so be nice!

We are now taking bookings for our Irish demo trip, with open demos at Davagh and Castlewellen on 20th and 21st July, and we're also taking bookings for the Ard Rock Enduro Festival, the best event of the year! If you're coming to Ard Rock and want to test out a Cotic, let us know which one and which size so we can make sure it's in the van.

Take a look at our demo calendar for the upcoming announced demo dates, more announced soon.

Demo Calendar…

10/06/2019 - Women of Steel Black Rocks Ride

Women of Steel

Ride Out

Cotic Women of Steel

Yesterday was the second Women of Steel Ride Out, but Hannah's first! After missing out on the first one due to illness I (Hannah) was very keen to get out and enjoy this one. Ambassador Kelly Jayne has been so excited to show us around her local trails, where she regularly goes to build and maintain the trails. It was somewhere new to ride for many of us, and Kelly Jayne made the perfect guide as she knew the woods so well.

Starting the ride with quite a sudden warm up uphill to Black Rocks, if you've been before you know what I'll mean! We were relieved to make it to the top and enjoyed the sunshine and views across the valley. The first couple of climbs and descents were fantastic, rocky boulders and techy in places. We chatted up the climbs and cheered eachother on down the descents.

Cotic Women of Steel Ride Out

We then made our way back down the hill on some challenging trails, so different to what I normally ride - in a good way! The sun continued to shine, and we only came across this one puddle...

Cotic Women of Steel

We headed back in the search of cake and went to Lea Gardens. If you haven't visited the Rhododendron gardens before I can highly recommend, the food, drink and cake were lovely and it's run by local mountain bikers who had some great tips and knowledge of the trails.

Cotic Women of Steel Ride Out

We then headed out to Bow Woods for more fantastic trails. I had a little 'lay down' and got a nettle sting to the eyelid(?!). I really loved these new-to-me trails and riding with these friendly, supportive women. It's all about getting out, meeting up and enjoying the outdoors. If you'd like to join in on our women's rides then join our Facebook group and look out for the next event.

Cotic's Women of Steel

Our route on Komoot…

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30/05/2019 - Will Easey's race report

Will Easey

Factory Team rider Will Easey places 2nd on the podium.

After a late night drive, leaving Surrey at 9pm to get to the Minehead BEMBA Enduro Series Rnd 3, I finally arrived at the venue at 12:30am. I pulled up and didn't want to make much noise so I parked the van literally on the entrance. I thought everything was fine until it came to about 2am and realised how uncomfortable it is to sleep on an un-level surface, the van was at a severe angle meaning I was rolling out of my bed...

The race went great, venue was amazing and I will definitely be going back!! DUST!!! Managed to only get in 7 runs in, but stoked with a 2nd place and FTOTD on stage 7!

Keep up with how Easey gets on with this race series on his Instagram, link below.

Will Easey

Roots and Rain Results…

Easey's Instagram…

Easey's YouTube Channel…

24/05/2019 - Guy Kes TV Rides The Flare

Guy Kes TV Rides The Flare

As you probably know we launched our fourth Longshot droplink bike a few weeks ago - the Flare 650b trail bike. It's our fun, involving trail dancer.

In order to get across exactly what the bike is about, and why you'd choose this option in these days of super capable 29er trail bikes and mega fast enduro bikes (we have you covered with FlareMAX, Rocket and RocketMAX in those genres though!), Guy Kes TV is back in his inimitable fashion, raving about this "Jason Statham" of a bike. You'll have to watch the video to find out what we're talking about!

Green Cotic Flare

The Flare is in stock now in all sizes in green, and lead time is around 6 weeks on black, so order now for mid-July. We also have all the sizes available in demo, so get in touch on to book a ride. Our next bike demo is Transcend Festival at Innerleithen. Head over to their website to get on the Mega Bike Demo.

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21/05/2019 - Women of Steel Interview

Women of Steel

WideopenMag Interview

Pete Scullion got in touch with a few interview questions about Women of Steel. Hannah having never had to respond to a journalist asking questions before it was quite exciting! We'll soon be announcing the next Ride Outs, keep your eyes peeled. Have a read of the Wideopen mag interview

Bike Rafting photos by Nick Kowalski

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08/05/2019 - Steel City DH 2019

Steel City DH


SCDH 2019

Steel City DH, better than Christmas? The biggest little race sees hundreds of racers take to the popular hillside at Grenoside, Sheffield. Cotic has the same spot every year by the infamous bombhole, and we soak up the buzzing atmosphere, as well as the great coffee and beer on offer.

The Cotic Factory Race Team were all racing this year, it was great to have everyone in the same place, everyone was feeling good and keen to get out there and race. Wes Fife (racing 17-18 boys) had a brilliant practice and race runs, couple of mistakes on the corners didn't bother him, he really enjoyed the race - and that's what matters! He finished in 5th, and only a second off the podium.

SCDH 2019

More close racing for Will Easey racing in Seniors. The crowd was loving his stylish riding, getting plenty of cheers! He finished 4th with a fraction of a second off the podium. Steel City always sees incredibly tight racing!

Swinny AKA Rocketman was flying on his new RocketMAX, finishing 12th in the Pros. In other Rocketman news, Swinny has kicked off his European Continental Series campaign with a really strong 16th overall in Spain the other weekend. The Continental Series are a new set of races from the Enduro World Series where each Continent runs a series of EWS level one day races as a stepping stone from National to International racing. Having won the PMBA Series twice in a row in 16-17, Swinny was looking for the next challenge, but the level at EWS is so high and the races so arduous these days that those took their toll last year. The ECS gives us a chance to put together a whole series, without the massive 4 day race format often used in EWS. This is a great start and we're looking forward to seeing how this works out for the rest of the season. Bets of luck to him, and keep watch on his progress!

SCDH 2019

Big ups to ambassador and friend A-Line Coaching Gaz, who finished 3rd in Masters. He's loving his new Rocket, and has been working hard to get it set up perfectly for this race, it clearly paid off. Well done Gaz!

HUGE congrats to Team rider Chay Granby who won Vets. You earned that! Amazing result, what a great start to the season. Well done Chay, we're so proud. Thanks everyone that came by the stand and cheered our team on this year, much appreciated. So, that was another 'Better than Christmas', see you next year Steel City.

SCDH 2019SCDH 2019

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03/05/2019 - Cotic CC Coaching day

Cotic CC

A Line Coaching day

Cotic CC Coaching day

Who wouldn't want to be just that little bit faster, more controlled or just plain rad on a bike? Even a little bit. Well we roped in Gaz from A Line coaching to run a class exclusively for Cotic owners at Greno woods.

As ever, the mailing list was the first and (since it sold out so fast) the only place to hear about the event. Gaz suggested a day at Greno for a mix of fundamentals & flow. A full day in the woods with time split between laps of the track and skills in the flat section at the entrance to the woods.

It's almost impossible not to get something out of days like this. Gaz's infectious enthusiasm brings joy to the seemingly simplest of tasks; look where you're going and bend your elbows more! Who'd have thought it huh? Everyone found themselves going faster, smoother and with more confidence than at the start of the day so what more is there to say?

As far as upgrades to your bike go, how's about an upgrade for yourself? If you want to book on to his next course then follow THIS link and see what you are capable of. Keep your eyes on the newsletter for the next Cotic CC event - you can sign up HERE if you're not already on it.

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02/05/2019 - SPRING PARTY 2019


Mostly wet, fully awesome. Yeah, OK, the last few spring parties were hot and sunny so we were owed a grim one! Rain all day, punctuated by short bouts of perfect Peaks sunshine. That didn't put anyone off though...


Forge Roasters came through and delivered enough coffee to keep an elephant caffinated for a season. We had a huge stack of Wild Trail snacks, sweets, fruit & stickers, not to mention crates of Abbeydale Beers for later. Three laps of the demo loop went off without a hitch whilst Kingud, Hunt Wheels & Polaris Bikewear set up their stalls. People arriving for the Cotic Women of Steel ride or the Cotic CC owners rides could pick up some bargains and have a good natter in between the showers. The Women Of Steel ride was really well attended and you can read all about it here and how you can get involved with the next one.

The Cotic CC group rides were fully booked and full of smiles. People who'd just turned up for a look were handed a bike and were gently encouraged to come with us for a pedal. The fire road descent back to Calver Village reminded us of the Megavalanche with the wide open tracks and hideous undertakes! Stoke was high as we climbed up past Riley Graves and dropped into the rowdy side of the loop for the final descents back to HQ.

Toll Bar Fish & Chips supplied the scran for after the ride. As we rolled back into the warehouse we were greeted with a full-on party atmosphere; beer, food and that incomparable buzz from a great day out in the fresh air with friends.

Spring Party 2019

Even when the weather isn't playing ball, we still know how to throw a great party. We can't wait to see you at the next one.

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02/05/2019 - MBUK : 60 Seconds with Cy Turner

60 Seconds with Cy Turner MBUK

find out more about Cy, and the rest of us…

29/04/2019 - Women of Steel Ride Out

Women of Steel

Ride Out

Hannah's update: On Saturday it was Cotic's annual Spring Party. As part of this we hosted the very first Women of Steel Ride Out. It's been so exciting being part of this group of awesome women and I couldn't wait to meet and ride with everyone!

Women of Steel

Saturday saw Storm Hannah (well named) come in and the weather turn from what has been glorious to somewhat soggy. Sadly I was so full of cold there was no way I could ride or go out sharing germs around! Kelly-Jayne, our fantastic ambassador, stepped up to lead the ride.

Women of Steel

Although it was soo soggy we had 16 riders on our first Women of Steel Ride Out - what a brilliant turn out! Thanks to everyone for coming along and making the first Ride Out a huge success. Everyone had a great time.

Women of Steel

We are the Women of Steel. Smiling faces and out riding our bikes. See you at the next one.

Women of Steel

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26/04/2019 - SPRING PARTY 2019


Tomorrow is our annual Spring Party! We're throwing our doors open all day for you guys to come down, hang out, ride bikes, drink beer and eat chips.

There are demo rides all morning, which are all fully booked I'm afraid, but you are welcome to pop down to Cotic HQ from 11am to hang out. We'll have a few of our friends along exhibiting and selling their wonderful products; Polaris Bikewear, Kingud Products and Hunt wheels. Coffee is provided by the good people of Forge Roasters who will have Keep Cups to sell as well. Bring your own re-usable cup if you have one, its always best to minimise waste. We'll have Wild Trail energy bars for everyone, and there will be beers from the excellent local favourites Abbeydale Brewery.

The very first Women of Steel ride departs at 11:30, with limited spaces left. We're super excited about this, look out for lots more in the coming weeks.

There will be 2 Cotic Owners Rides in the afternoon, staggered, leaving at 14:00 and 15:00. Very limited spaces left on both, with a little more room on the 3pm ride. If you're booked on, make sure you're here nice and early, we're aiming for wheels rolling at the above times.

Food wise, we've hooked up with the award winning Toll Bar Chippy just down the road, we'll be taking orders in the afternoon, aiming to get everyone's chippy tea delivered to us when the last owners ride is back. Worth bringing some lunch if you're here all day, but there is a well stocked shop and cafe in Calver, about 5 mins walk or 2 mins ride.

We'll all be around, so please drop by and check out all things Cotic, we'll see you from 11am. We'll be hanging around for a while after the last ride to share the stoke over chips and beers. Looks like it might be wise to bring waterproofs too!

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24/04/2019 - SodaMAX 2019

SodaMAX 2019

2019 Limited Edition is here

Surprise! We managed to pull the delivery date of the 2019 Limited run of SodaMAX frames forward a few weeks. They arrive today!


If you missed it last year, the SodaMAX is based on our spectacularly popular SolarisMAX, with the new titanium frame takeing all the fantastic attributes of it's steel sibling and adding a big chunk of weight loss, a subtle and lively ride feel and beautiful bare metal finishes.


The 2018 Limited Edition sold through in just 15 days, so these won't wait around long!

Loads more amazing photos
over on the product page

The 2019 Limited Edition SodaMAX is just 30 frames - 15 brushed, 15 polished, in the full range of sizes. 11 are already allocated to customers. 19 left!

Click Here to Order your SodaMAX

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18/04/2019 - Cotic CC at Revs

Cotic CC

at Revolution Bike Park

Our second Cotic CC event couldn’t have been much more different from the first. A far cry from the warm wooden skatepark lay Revolution Bike Park. The only seeming similarities were the two wheels underneath our handlebars but even then that’s stretching a point.

The event sold out really fast - a private uplift session at one of the UK’s best downhill locations - who’d have thought it?! We had A LIne’s coach Gaz Jones on hand for guiding and basic pointers but the rest of the time the riders were on their own. Our email inbox was full of messages the week before both enjoying the fact that a mid-week ride felt like a great skive, and that Revs is a serious place and they might be a bit out of their depth. If you’ve never been then you would be forgiven for thinking that - it’s no walk in the park but it’s so well built you find yourself trusting the trail builders and rolling into seemingly impossible shoots and off monster jumps with almost gleeful abandon.

The day started with getting people set on various demo bikes and a very nervous first uplift in the fabled land rovers. We rolled down the Freeride line to start off as it’s the smoothest and flattest but like all tracks at Revs, there’s extra spice round every corner. After the warm up we nudged our way onto the tighter, steeper trails until all of a sudden, almost the whole crew was slithering their way down the most gnarly, technical tracks the UK has to offer.

Cotic CC at Revs

Lunch from the burger van sounds sketchy but the team at Revs source their burgers from a local farm and the skin-on chips & hot chocolate filled a mighty hole we’d created. After a rest we headed back up and thought now was the time - if there ever was one - to tackle Ffarside. The ‘purple’ graded trail on the far side of the hill. Steep, loose, fast and wild are just some of the adjectives that spring to mind. Most would say ‘terrifying’ but the kind where you know it’s all your fault for putting yourself in this position and only you can get yourself out of it. Short story - we all survived - and went back up for more.

We can’t recommend Revs highly enough. An efficient uplift, world class trails and the best burger van for lunch. You don’t need much more - except no crowds, which is where we come in! Huge thanks to the whole team there and especially Gaz from A Line coaching for all the advice and support when we all needed it the most. Get a trip booked - you won’t regret it.

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17/04/2019 - Kate Potter - Women of Steel

Women of Steel

Kate Potter's story

You may have heard us mention the brilliant AQR Holidays before, or that time a Cotic was ridden at the World Champs (still getting our head round that!).

The woman behind these is Kate Potter. A talented Aussie who caught the eye of the National Team coach and took her Cotic Soda to the Thredbo World Champs 2009. She's still riding Cotics, only now in the glorious Pyrenees, guiding and coaching. We asked her if she'd like to be involved with our new group 'Women of Steel'. This group aims to encourage women into our amazing sport, and who better to inspire and encourage you than Kate?

Kate Potter

Portugal is where I discovered mountain biking, and met my future husband Ian, 17 years ago. I had booked myself on a mountain bike holiday without understanding what mountain biking was at the time. I was captivated by the glossy brochure of people riding bikes in the Portuguese sunshine and enticed by the idea of discovering a new country on two wheels.

However, what I didn't realise it that I'd be riding with two ex elite down hill racers! When the guide asked me what experience I had on a mountain bike I wanted to hide. I had to admit I didn't even know what a mountain bike even looked like, let alone how to ride one at the time! My fears were soon forgotten though, as by the end of the first day on a mountain bike I was hooked! I loved the freedom I experienced flowing down the single track, followed by the accomplishment of climbing a hill as there was always a fantastic view and a descent to follow on the other side.

I was also drawn to the social side of the sport; my first mountain bike holiday brought 10 strangers together. For one week I felt part of a very close knit group who never made me feel like my inexperience was a problem for them as I fumbled my way along technical single track. I really had no idea about suspension or what gear choice meant at the time. My mantra was ride straight towards every obstacle, pedal fast, hold on and see what happened. Thankfully it was only one crash before Ian taught me a few basic skills to stay upright...1 year later we married and I entered my first race!

Kate Potter

In 2009 the Mountain Bike World Championships were being held in Australia at Mount Stromlo located in Canberra. It was a really special day for me, not only because I was representing my country, but just as importantly I was representing Cotic. Although I was born in Australia, it was the UK where I developed my skills as a mountain bike rider. My husband Ian had taught me the basic skills of how to ride a bike, but when he was guiding in Greece and I was working in the UK, both Cy and Paul encouraged me to ride with their group on a Wednesday nights and weekends.

I remember at one of my first night rides seeing Cy turn up on a bike he designed, this was before Cy had even considered starting Cotic. I remember very clearly Ian telling me he was going to pester Cy for one of those bikes as he really loved how it felt when he rode it. And a few years later Cy designed my perfect race bike - The Cotic Soda! This particular Cotic Soda in this photo helped me achieve a British National Series title in both cross country and marathon racing, as well as my best results at world cup racing. I will never part from this bike and we have plans to hang it on the wall when our Luchon Bike Centre is finished. I would never have experienced such an amazing day on the bike if it weren't for Cy and Paul from Cotic. Racing a Cotic bike at the world championships in Australia was the highlight of my race career.


Fast forward 17 years and I can look back on a fantastic career that included mountain bike guiding and racing all over the world. During this time I made new friends and hopefully played a part in helping other women get involved in mountain biking too. I have also seen huge changes in the industry in regards to the technology and the growing demand for enduro style bikes, riding and racing. When I started mountain biking it was either cross country or down hill...these days I just prefer to call myself a mountain biker as I like all aspects of the sport. What hasn't changed is the way in which mountain biking continues to create a community for people.

Kate Potter

I know Cotic also value the community aspect of mountain biking as can be seen in their support for the Sheffield mountain bike trails, their own race team and now the 'Women of Steel' community group. I must admit when I stopped racing I felt quite lost for a while as I really missed being part of the Cotic community. However I was burnt out and needed a change from the demands and pressure I put on myself to race to the best of my ability. When I stopped racing there was always a part of me that wanted to reconnect with the Cotic community in some way and to return to when I had the most fun on the bike. So I'm really thrilled to be invited to be part of a new community 'Women of Steel' and can't wait to connect with other female mountain bikers out there.

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12/04/2019 - Escapade


Enjoy the commute


What do you do on the coldest day of the year so far? Well, you obviously bivvy overnight in an abandoned shed and pedal to work in the snow!

Get where you need to be, with a smile, on the Cotic Escapade. The ultimate road / gravel / highway & byway "life" bike. 700c or 27.5+ wheels with all-carbon forks.

Enjoy the Commute

Take a closer look at our Escapade…

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12/04/2019 - Women of Steel

Women of Steel logo

Super happy to introduce Cotic Women of Steel. A new space for riders to meet up, plan adventures, learn skills and get more involved with this amazing sport. Follow @coticwomenofsteel on Instagram and search Cotic Women of Steel on Facebook to join the group and start the ball rolling. Unlike the #coticCC, this is for ALL female riders, not just those on one of our bikes so feel free to get in touch no matter what you ride. The first ride-out is at our Spring Party on April 27th at 11.30am. #coticwomenofsteel

Women of Steel Facebook group…

10/04/2019 - Best Of British with MBR Magazine

Best of britsh with mbr magazine

Somewhat like the terroir of a wine, dirt, weather and the location of that dirt inform and flavour the outlook and products of a bike brand. Whilst also building bikes that work for the market, for us as riders and taking account of our ethical concerns as a business, Cotic bikes are also unmistakeably influenced by our local trails and our friends who ride with us.

RocketMAX on Stannage

MBR have come up with a series called Best Of British, which aims to explore this idea with a bunch of British brands, the first of which was us. Sim came over to talk to Cy about what makes him and the brand tick, and what specific local trails and conditions have informed the bikes.

Cy on Devil's Elbow near Sheffield, photo Sim Mainey Cy on Blue Steel at Lady Cannings near Sheffield, photo Sim Mainey

It's published in this months' edition of the magazine, so if you're a subscriber or usually pick up a copy make sure you give the feature a read. The photos are pure magic, because Cy remembers the conditions being considerably more disgusting than it looks!

If you're not a usual MBR reader, then head over to their website and have a read.

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27/03/2019 - Cotic Flare

Cotic Flare

For those of you that follow us here at Cotic you'll have noticed that there's been a hole in our droplink range of bikes for a little while. After a long wait that hole has finally been plugged with the arrival of the latest Flare; the final bike in the range to get the Longshot treatment.

And it's not for want of trying. We've actually been working on the new Flare for around 18 months, with Paul leading the development. However we realised last summer that, although the geometry was sorted, we needed a particular linkage rate for this bike that we simply weren't going to achieve without a fairly major re-design and re-approval of the larger sizes. Rather than release a bike simply because it was currently off sale, we worked the extra few months designing and developing and lab testing the new design. And here we are now.

Like the RocketMAX, the Flare front triangle is made and the frame is fully finished in the UK by Five Land Bikes up in Scotland. And here it is!


Splicing the DNA of the Rocket with the swift and subtle feel of our legendary Soul, it's a lively trail bike, and a brilliant all rounder.


Longshot geometry ensures it's confident and calm in pretty hectic situations, but where the Flare excels is tight, close quarters technical trail work. Wiggly singletrack, rooty tech, trialsy manoeuvres. The Flare is a technical trail tearaway. Lighter and easier to move around than our MAX 29er bikes, with more compact dimensions than the enduro focused Rocket, and droplink suspension brings more capability than our hardtails. The Flare ducks and weaves, pops and wheelies, scrabbles and clambers in and out of the tightest spaces


As a droplink bike, it shares all of the clever features we include across the range, including the integrated One Up top guide and double duty seatstay pivot / brake bolt.


Follow the link below to read more about our new Flare


The new Flare…

19/03/2019 - We Are Hiring - Part Time Sale, Demo and Mechanic

We are hiring!

Part Time Sales/Demo/Mechanic Role

Peak District Based with UK Travelling Required

Cotic is a growing bike company based in the Peak District, specialising in high performance bikes which we design and develop, market, distribute and sell directly ourselves. We now need a new member to join our team to help expand our demo service provision and make best use of the demo fleet and premises.

We have a core team of 7 people, so you have the opportunity to have a big impact on the company and the future direction we will take.

Our current demo service has our demo rep out on the road 3 weekends in 4, and this is supported by a demo administrator and our workshop to keep the fleet running. However, our fleet is now of a size that we can't get it all on the van every weekend, and demand for the demo service is incredibly high. With the 'off' weekends and annual leave the van and fleet are under-used for around 17 weekends per year, and with being increasing busy in production the workshop capacity to maintain the fleet is getting limited.

The role on offer is aiming to solve all of these capacity problems. It is 3 days per week, working 3 weekends in 4. For 2 of the 3 weekends per month you work you will be based at our premises at Calver in the Peak District, running local demos around our mapped demo loops, letting people Factory Collect their bikes, allow potential customers to come and have a look at the bikes and a chat about them, helping customers choose and specify their new Cotic. It's very much a sales role.

For the one weekend each month you will be out on the road in our demo van delivering demos on our demo reps' weekend off. You will liaise with our other demo rep and our demo administrator regarding the organisation of these trips, and you will be expected to accompany demo rides, set up customers with bikes, and run formal and informal demos in locations around the UK.

On your 'off' week you will work your three days on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at our base in the Peak District. There is some flexibility in these days with prior agreement from a Director and the Demo Team.

The weekends you will be on the road or at Calver will vary, and will be based around the demands of the main demo tour, and other annual leave and company requirements. A level of flexibility on hours, days worked and which weekends you are on the road will be required. We will strive to keep things planned out in good time and to keep to some level of 'beat rate', but it's simply not always possible so this needs to be considered when applying.

On the Friday before each weekend at the premises, and during your weekdays working during your 'off weekend' week, you will be expected to prepare and maintain the demo fleet in top condition, catalogue and order replacement parts, clean the bikes and generally keep everything in great condition.

For the sales and the on-the-road demo service you will be confident and easily approachable, happy to talk to groups or one-to-one, technically adept, with a good knowledge of cycling and mountain biking in particular. You will be on the road our your own, or at our premises on your own, so you will be self-starting, calm, enthusiastic, flexible and highly committed. You will be able to work with little direction, and be confident and creative enough to make decisions in the field.

These two elements of the role require you to be able to setup demo riders and customers on their bikes, as well as keeping the fleet running. Although brand specific training will be provided, a high level of mountain bike mechanic skills is essential.

No bike industry experience is required, but mechanical aptitude definitely is. Given this is broadly a traditional bike shop sales/mechanic type role, industry experience will be an advantage. A First Aid certificate would be useful, but training will be provided in its absence. The successful applicant will be first and foremost organised, happy to work alone, a fast learner, and a problem solver. You will be good with people, and happy to talk to customers. Be patient, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. You will be computer literate – competent with email, spreadsheets, data entry, social media, e-commerce systems. Some basic HTML would be useful but not essential as we will train you. You need a clean UK driving licence in order to get insurance our on demo van.

This position is 75% office/warehouse based, 22.5 hours per week, working mostly weekends with one weekend in four on the road as explained above. It is a permanent, salaried position. Salary offered is £12,500 per year, and includes a bonus scheme connected with overall company performance. Benefits include a Workplace Pension, a company bike, branded riding clothing for demo duties, access to all Cotic's trade accounts for bike parts at cost, and 15 days per year annual leave (pro rata) plus bank holidays. There will be an initial 6 month trial period with an option to finish at that point from both sides.

Please submit a CV and covering letter via email to or post it to us at:

Cotic Bikes

Unit 6 Calver Works


Hope Valley

S32 3XH


Closing date for applications is midnight on Friday 5th April.

12/03/2019 - Cotic Team Weekend

Cotic Corportate Golf Retreat

A couple of weekends ago we got our new full race team and all the staff together and headed up to the Tweed Valley for a Team and Staff Camp. We headed to the infamous trails past Innerleithen Gold Course, and packed the 29-irons to play a few holes!

Golfie Team weekend

The full race team. James Swinden, Chay Granby, Will Easey and Wes Fife.

Golfie Team weekend

"I reckon that'll go that." Chay Granby, upon seeing this near vertical quarry drop.


Ford UK came through for us with a lend of an extra Transit Custom and a plus Kuga ST Line to help ship all the bikes, people and sponsor swag up to Scotland.

Golfie Team weekend

Lucky lads! Thanks to Cane Creek, Hunt Bike Wheels, WTB, Polaris Bikewear, Burgtec, Wild Trail Snacks, Forge Coffee Roasters and Abbeydale Brewery (yes we have a coffee and beer sponsors!)


Snow on Sunday up at Innerleithen. Once we were above the snow line conditions were just lovely. Tweed Valley, we salute you!

Follow the team over on the Team Blog…

27/02/2019 - PinkBike POTY


Photo of the Year

18/03/2019 UPDATE: We WON!!!

Back in late September Baybutt and mechanic Will headed up to Winnats Pass to grab some epic shots of the soon-to-be launched RocketMAX.


So when PinkBike were looking for entries for the Photo of the Year competition we thought it was worth entering this one! It's made it to the final 32 16 8 4 2 photos, and now needs your vote!

If you have a pinkbike profile and can spare a minute do go and vote. I think we're going to need all the help we can get - there's some ridiculously strong competition! We're honoured to be on the list though. Wish us luck.

Click on the link below to vote...

Vote for the RocketMAX photo in the final round here…

13/02/2019 - Win a Soul

SHARE : F t url

Win a Soul!

Cotic Soul 2018

UPDATE: competition now closed

Some news to brighten your week here: Our friends over at have had a Soul in for long term review for a few months, and loved it. They published the (fantastic) review over the weekend, so to celebrate we have joined up with them to give way a Cotic Soul frame.

As Jon says in his review.....

"We're big fans of this 650b wheel trail machine. It can happily turn it's hard to everything from bikepacking to all-day singletrack shredding and general messing about in the woods. With 120-140mm of travel up front and a Reynolds 853 steel frame, it balances retro looks with bang up to date handling courtesy of Cotic's Longshot geometry."

Couldn't have put it better myself!! You can win your choice of colour and size and we are fully stocked across the board at the moment. We have XS for those mini-shredders (4ft 10in to 5ft 3in), and our usual S, M and L sizes which covers all the bases up to around 6ft 3in.

Read the Full Review here

If you are lucky enough to win, but would like a bike then we can build you anything you like from our bikebuilder, and we'll simply knock the £649 frame price of your winning frame off the total.

I think sometimes the existence of the BFe somewhat over-shadows the Soul - people maybe err on the side of 'beef' when making their choice - but it really is a tough bike and short of dropping it off buildings it's all the 27.5" hardtail you will ever need. The head angle is the same as the BFe for the same fork travel, but it's light, lively, and tough as old boots. That was always the intention, right back to 2003 when we first introduced it. And let me tell you, the addition of the new WTB 2.6" tyres we have available opens this frame up to all sorts of silliness on the dirt and rocks. If you think the SolarisMAX with Plus tyres might be interesting but have some concerns about them feeling a little dull, get a Soul and some 'mini-Plus' 2.6 tyres in your life and you'll be well set. Every time I walk past the large demo bike at the office, I want to grab it and razz it around the yard. It's that kind of bike.

Hopefully that's got you excited about our trail riding classic. Maybe head over and try and win one?

Click Here To Enter the Competition to Win a Soul

And if the review wasn't persuasive enough, here's the inimitable Guy Kesteven going Soul 2 Soul with the original prototype.

Read the full review here…

Read all about the Soul on the product page…

Order your Soul here…

11/02/2019 - BFe Cushion

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A nice BFe story

BFe Cushion

Here's a nice story to brighten your Monday. We had a Factory Collection on Friday, it was the ex-demo Medium BFe that'll be going to a new home in New Zealand when the family emigrate at the end of this month. The son loved his old BFe so much, for his school project he made this lovely BFe cushion. A* from us!

We wish the family all the best on their new adventure, and hope he loves his new BFe 275.

Demo a Cotic…

Read about the BFe 275…

Read about the BFe 26…

28/01/2019 - Cotic CC Skatepark Event

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Cotic CC

Skatepark Event

Cotic CC

Our first Cotic CC event went off with a bang the other week. We hired out the awesome Onboard Skatepark in Sheffield and invited a load of Cotic owners down. There are many people who've never had the chance / time / confidence to ride a skatepark but we reckon it's a fantastic foundation for big skills out on the trails.

Cotic CCCotic CC

There were a smattering of Cotic's being ridden, including our new demo 26" BFe, and the rest of the group were on dedicated DJ bikes or BMX's loaned by the park or dragged out from the back of the shed. There was even a Stanton - although the owner assures us he rides his Cotic more!

Cotic CCCotic CC

Gaz from A Line coaching and our ambassador Dave Camus were on hand for tips & encouragement and bar a couple of tumbles, everyone had an excellent evening. We'll be running more Cotic CC events this year so sign up to the mailing list to be the first in the know and have a read about the programme in the link below.

Cotic CC

Learn more about Cotic CC…

Demo a Cotic…

22/01/2019 - Cotic Owner's Beat The Blues Ride

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Beat the Blues

Cotic Owner's ride

Beat the blues ride

3 out of 3. It's becoming known as "The Cotic Snow Ride"! Friday saw the staff beat a hasty retreat from our Peak District office due to worsening road conditions. Luckily the gritters were out and everyone could meet up safely at The Travellers Rest on Saturday morning.

Beat the blues ride

Our ride took us up the back of Win Hill, up to Hope Cross, and the most techy traverse along to the top of The Beast. As soon as you rode up into the snowline the terrain changed from a sloppy mess into a winter wonderland. It wasn't even that cold! Perfect.

Beat the blues rideBeat the blues ride

The Beast is always a real hoot. Rough, unrelenting, slippery and today it was full of 30 super keen cyclists, all trying to keep it upright. Camus, Wes & Philpott headed down a different track to get some photos and we all met up for the winch up past Rowlee Farm, across the Snake road.

Cotic Beat the Blues Owners Ride

Paul held the gate open for the descent down Hagg Farm. What he didn't let anyone know was that he'd stockpiled a cache of snowballs. No-one was exempt from a pasting as they clattered past. Wes & myself obviously missed the Megavalance too much so we set off at the back and tried to catch as many riders as we could. We even hummed the "Alarma" song at the top to get us in the mood!

Beat the Blues Ride

After a final struggle up the "Sh*t B*stard" climb on Win hill we rolled back to The Travellers Rest for a pint and a feed, covered in muck but not a single frown on anyones face. We reckon that's a success for a ride called "beat the blues". Richard

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Demo a Cotic…

21/01/2019 - Philpott's SolarisMAX build

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Philpott's SolarisMAX

You might have seen some travel snaps from far-flung corners of the globe, or some epic EWS images of Chay & Swinny from last year on our feeds? Well we have Duncan Philpott to thank for those. Long time friend of the company and super-tog extraordinaire popped by last Friday to swap out his old Solaris onto a new SolarisMAX.


We're guestimating at least 5000 off-road miles on this frame. It's been to Africa, Asia, Europe & more, but it's finally time for a switch up. How many differences can you spot between the two? (There are 4 major ones, not including graphics.)

Beat the blues ride

He even managed to get it built in time to join us on our annual Beat The Blues ride less than 24 hours later. Very little beats the stoke of new bike day!

Read more about the SolarisMAX…

Order your SolarisMAX…

Follow Philpott's adventures here…

08/01/2019 - BFe26 Play Bike Build

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To illustrate the ease of building a bit-box bike, we cobbled this BFe26 dirt-jump spec bike together with a mix of old parts. We're willing to bet there's a corner of your garage with a box of bits just waiting for a frame to hang them on? This is as simple as it comes - a mech used as a chain tensioner, one brake, flat pedals, no dropper. Perfect for the trails, pumptrack or skatepark. These are the places you play and by playing, end up a better rider. It's a win win! Our first Cotic CC owners event of 2019 happens to be at Onboard Skatepark in Sheffield and this bike will be there to use. Most of us started on a hardtail, get back to your roots and give it another bash.

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02/01/2019 - Will Easey Best of 2018

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2018 in a nutshell

Happy New year. We know you're barely into 2019 but here's a quick look back over Will Easey's best of video

And if you want an extra shot of sugar, here's Wes Fife's haribo & E-number inspired film!

Wes fife best of 2018 from Cotic on Vimeo.

2019 is shaping up to be a banger. You're already in the right place.

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