10/06/2022 - Cy's Full Nerd RocketMAX Gen4 Bike Check

Full Nerd Bike Check on Cy's rocketMAX Gen4 prototype

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Now the RocketMAX Gen4 has been launched, Cy can take you through the bike he's been riding for the last few months, which also happens to be the bike he raced at the EWS Tweed Valley last weekend.

Cy's bike is the prototype of the RocketMAX Gen 4, in what became the C5 size. The main differences between his bike and the production bikes are the reach adjust head tube, older style BB web gussets, janky powdercoat test finish (obviously not going to use that for customer bikes!) and test graphic. The adjustable head tube weighs about 1/2 a pound more than the stock unit too. It's all glamour this bike development!

We are in production in the UK on these frames right now. We have some sizes and colours in stock, with everything due in the next 6 weeks or so. We have build kits on the shelf ready to go, and we also have C2 and C3 size demo bikes.

With all that said....LET'S GET NERDY!

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