11/03/2022 - Return of the Demo


After a pandemic induced shutdown, followed by a turbulent period of component and frame supply, we are getting our demo service going again for you to test ride a new Cotic from our Peak District HQ.

BFeMAX Cyan & Magenta

The world is a different place since March 2020, and Cotic is no exception. The dramatic shift in both supply and demand has lead to a bit of a reshuffle in our roles here. I (Sam) once roamed the country in the demo van taking bikes everywhere for demo days.

Obviously that wasn't very Covid friendly, and I'm now handling most of the sales side of things from home, if you've emailed us over the last couple of years, it's most likely me you've been conversing with.

Darren has transferred his spannering skills into a full time mechanic role, building bikes and prepping frames. If you've taken delivery of a new Cotic recently, there's a good chance Darren built it.

We are now both going to be dedicating more of our time to helping you test ride a Cotic from our Calver HQ.


All demos will be by appointment only, and we have a handful of bikes built up for demo use to get started with. We have the following bikes available for demo:

Small FlareMAX

Medium FlareMAX

Medium SolarisMAX

Small Cascade

Medium Cascade

XL Cascade

We will have a Large Cascade and a large SolarisMAX for demo soon too, but they are currently away on media duties. We'll also be building up some Jeht demo bikes in Large and XL later this month.

For now, we are taking bookings for Wednesdays, Fridays and one Saturday a month; starting with Saturday 12th March.

After that, the next Saturday we'll be open for demos is Saturday 9th April.

You can bring your riding kit and take a bike for a spin on our demo loop, or just have a car park bounce to answer any sizing questions and chat with Darren or myself about your build. If you're going for a ride, you'll need some ID and some collateral such as a credit card to leave with us whilst you're out.

If you are interested in demo-ing a Cotic, drop an email to demo@cotic.co.uk or call our demo hotline on 07398 189114.

As with the before-times, all our demos are free of charge.

Cascade, Cornwall

We won't be on the road with demos any time soon as we sold our demo van a while back, and now both Darren and I are busy in other aspects of Cotic. However it feels really exciting to be able to offer the opportunity for you to come to our HQ, meet us and check out the bikes in the flesh once again.

We're all really excited about this, and looking forward to filling the diary with bookings.

Hopefully I'll see you at Calver soon.


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