07/06/2016 - Demo News

Our neatly laid out plan for demos has just been thrown up into the air... where will all the pieces land...?

With our recent public and private demos around the country being so well received, we should have guessed that a spanner would be thrown in the works. It has come in the form of Sam having a little mishap on the jumps at Bolehills... the result... a broken arm. We don't know the full score yet, but needless to say, some upcoming demos will need to be postponed.

As it's taken so much juggling to get our Surrey Hills demo sorted... Cy will personally be attending this one to make it happen!

Unfortunately, with Sam recovering, and everyone else already booked up doing other things (we're a tiny little band of people don't forget) we will have to postpone the Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Dales Bike Centre & Penmachno public demos. Some private demos will also need to be postponed, we'll contact people once we've spoken to Sam, and discussed between ourselves what we can and can't do. Sorry in advance to anyone we're letting down, we're gutted as well. As for future public demos this summer... we don't know yet... once we have a plan we'll let you know.

We will update our Demo Calendar here when we know more…

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