22/12/2014 - Forget the turkey, have some #BangersnMash

Just about to shutdown for Christmas holidays, we'll be here until lunch time on the 23rd, but before we go we've cooked up a little something with Steel City Media to get some smiles on your face.

We've done a mashup of all the bangers (see what we did there?) from our videos from the last 3 years, and as it's Christmas, there's some Director's Cut never-seen-before footage as well courtesy of Joe at Steel City Media. Here's what Joe has to say about it:

It's been a pleasure to work for Cotic Bikes over the last few years.... Here's a bit of a montage of all the best bits, plus some previously unseen footage!

Give all the featured/rad riders a follow:

@JPswinny - Rocketman, Size Matters, Late For Work, Soul Brothers

@CraigEvans1 - Mr #26aintdead himself

@RossPhelps - Escapade/Roadrat

@RichNorgate - Escapade/Roadrat

@robstokes87 - Naked guy in Late for work

@swedehanna - Lass at the start of Rocketman

It's been fun to work on and makes us grin every time we watch it. Hope you enjoy.

As you may know if you follow Cotic, 2014 has been a pretty tough year on some fronts. We wanted to get the year finished with a smile before taking a break and coming out swinging in 2015. We'll be back on Monday 5th January.

We want to thank you for your support and if you have bought a Cotic, recommended one to a friend, dropped us a line off the back of one of the emails this year we especially want to say thanks for the invariably kind words and positive comments. It's been a huge help to know that so many people are behind the brand and what we're trying to do.