One of things we were determined to offer when we started Cotic was a 'no hidden extras' policy. Since day one all our frames come with everything you need - bottle bosses, hose clips, chainstay protector, even free delivery, but always, always with a seat clamp included. Cy bought a very expensive frame back before he started Cotic and was pretty pissed off when faced with another 50 to spend on a proper seat QR, a chainstay protector and all the other bits he needed, and didn't want to put his customers in that position. So, Cotic mountain bike frames have always come with a really nice seat QR. Hope on the 853 frames, and a nice Cotic one on the BFe.

However, with the growing popularity of dropper seatposts (Cy would put one on his Roadrat if he could), and the fact that all our mountain bike frames have been compatible with droppers for a while, more and more customers have been asking for a bolt up option instead of the usually included seat QR.

As usual the lads and lasses at Hope have come up with a great solution, with their Dropper Clamp. It gives nice tidy routing for your dropper remote and works brilliantly in tandem with the under top tube routing provided on the Soul, BFe and Solaris.

So if you are aiming to put a dropper post on your new Cotic, from this week you can order your Cotic with a Hope Dropper Clamp for an upcharge of just 15 on your Soul26, Soul275 or Solaris, or 25 on your BFe.