19/06/2015 - Racing Hardtails


Photo - Ollie Bhutani

One of our BFe26 owners has been competing in the Hardtail Super Series this season, doing great things. Here's his report from the UK Hardtail Downhill Champs held a couple of weeks ago. Look out for Mark at the next few events; we've sent him one of our Cotic Oneal jerseys to race in so he can properly represent!

Mark Harris writes.....

UK Hardtail Downhill National Champs Race Report

7th June 2015, Queen Elizabeth Country Park – Hampshire

The UK Hardtail Downhill National Champs took place on 7th June at Queen Elizabeth Country Park (QECP) in Hampshire. The race formed part of the Bird Hardtail Super Series, seven races in total piggy backing on five Gravity Project DH series, plus two QECP Enduro events.

The event was the brainchild of Scott Fitzgerald (spankingly handsome Cotic owner - Cy) of QECP Collective/Southern Enduro, Scott has been racing hardtails for several years and wanted to bring more competition to the category and the local racing scene.

The track was laid out and taped by the Gravity Project crew, and as is the norm with their tracks, it was fast and technical, with plenty of roots, off-camber loamy corners, step-downs, gap jumps and a huge table to finish.

With 22 riders entered into the Hardtail category the competition was going to be tough.

After a few practice runs and watching some of the other hardtail riders I knew the best I could hope for was a top 10 finish, although I was sitting in 2nd place overall in the series labeling the event the UK Champs bought out some big guns!

Mark Harris 1 Credit Big Mac Photography.jpg

Photo - Big Mac Photography

I was however really enjoying the track, my BFe 26 was inspiring confidence and the 160mm Pikes up front were soaking up the roots and step-downs with ease.

The positions were decided on best of 2 runs, my first run was clean putting me in 10th place, but I was sure I could go faster and the 2nd run felt much better, and with the slightly damp track now drying out I was sure I had shaved off several seconds only to find I was only 1 second faster, but securing me 9th place and the top 10 finish I had been targeting.

Mark Harris 3 Credit Big Mac Photography

Photo - Big Mac Photography

First place went to Darren Evans, who smoked the entire field not only winning the hardtail category but also getting fastest time of the day overall.

So what’s next for 2016? Scott says they plan to spread the series around some new venues and maybe add another Enduro, and take the UK Hardtail Champs to a bigger more technical venue in 2016, and possibly in a different part of the UK.

All sounds like brilliant fun. For more information on future events in the series visit the series websites listed below.

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