25/10/2015 - Jenn Hill Trophy for Hardtails at Ardrock

You have probably heard by now that Jenn Hill, a great friend of ours and Deputy Editor of Singletrack Magazine, passed away on 16th October after a long, brave, and frankly incredible fight against lung cancer.

Jenn on her Solaris

Jenn was just a fabulous person and we're so sad we won't see her again, but we're proud to have been a part of her life, and in particular to have made one of her favourite bikes. You see Jenn had a spin on a very early prototype Solaris, and although the bike changed for production, Jenn really rather took to it so given that it was surplus to requirements we did a bit of a deal for her to keep it.

A couple of years ago Jenn even competed in the Ardrock Enduro aboard her trusty hardtail, and in typical fashion saw off plenty of fully suspended competitors whilst she was about it. It seems that as a result of this and the fact we're very far from the only people missing Jenn, the Ardrock guys have come up with a brilliant idea: The Jenn Hill Hardtail Trophy.

From this year onwards there will be a trophy to commemorate Jenn and to reward the fasted guy and woman on a hardtail at their event. The names will be engraved on a trophy for all to see and the trophy will be kept somewhere suitably visible for a year, when they’ll do it all over again.

We can't think of a more fitting tribute to a very fine lady, so if you want to get involved in this years' event, and blast your Cotic hardtail around the course just like she did, the entries open on Friday 30th October at 6.30am at http://www.ardrockenduro.co.uk/.


Happy trails Jenn......

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